Thursday, December 22, 2005

This Christmas Comic Is Good - GLX-Mas Special

The Great Lakes Avengers: GLX-Mas Special was a well-made comic book, especially with some very impressive artwork by Matt Heley, Georges Jeanty, Mike Kazaleh, Paul Grist and Ty Templeton (especially Grist and Templeton - WOW!).

The setup is such so that each member of the team gets their own spotlight story, except Big Bertha (what's up with THAT?). The stories are a mixture of good fun, some good drama and a good deal of morbid humor.

The first story shows how Squirrel Girl is so formidible. Every time she heads out, she manages to defeat some major bad guy! In this story, she faces off against MODOK and Thanos. The use of the "Vs" cards was quite clever.

The Mr. Immortal story went for the more serious side of things, and it worked well.

The Grasshopper story was fun (great Templeton art).

The Grist art on the Doorman story was awesome, although I think there were a bit too many "twists" in the Doorman story. A lot of twists almost for the sake of twists.

The "Tom & Jerry"esque Tippy Toe story was a lot of fun.

And the wrap-up was handled well. Mike Wieringo does a fun Flat Man cut-out in the back.

So all in all, Dan Slott did a very nice job of having a very well-rounded assortment of stories, with a good deal worth of story for the four bucks.

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Blogger Michael said...

Brian, you are so wrong. This comic is *not* good.

This comic is fucking great.

12/23/2005 11:14:00 AM  
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