Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Top Fifteen Best Christmas Comic Covers! #15-13

Yes, I know I told you folks that it was going to do ten, but this is the season of giving!

Therefore, I picked out FIFTEEN!

Note that this is just my opinion, but please note that there is legislation currently pending in 20 states stating that my opinion is to be considered the official word on certain subjects (comic covers included). Let us all hope that it passes.

So here comes #15-13!


Marvel Holiday Special 1992

Image hosted by

This Art Adams cover highlights perhaps the LAST great holiday special by either Marvel or DC (sure there would be future good STORIES in the Holiday Specials, but never a great COLLECTION).

The only reason it is not higher is because Santa is not even on the front cover!! He is on the back of the gatefold cover!!!

Still, strong work by Adams.


Superman #165

Image hosted by

I think that the layout of this Ed McGuiness cover is very clever.

Superman and Lois, holding out ornaments of all the other Justice League members.

Very festive, and very unique.

However, the execution is a BIT off, I think. Superman's eyes, for instance, are really creepy. And Lois looks like...well...something other than Lois Lane...hehe.


Starman #27

Image hosted by

I recently linked to a review by Chris Sims about this issue. It was a fun issue, and Tony Harris' cover perfectly captures the mood of the comic, and heck, Starman as a WHOLE!

Old fashioned, but with enough realism to make it seem NEW!

Good stuff.

Okay, that's #15-13! Tune in tomorrow to see the next three covers on the countdown! What will be #1?!?!

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Blogger Christopher Burton said...

What will be #1?!?!

:cough:LM #29:cough:


12/21/2005 10:58:00 PM  
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