Sunday, September 04, 2005

You Decide - Two Thirds of the Way In

Since we are now two thirds of the way through the year, I figured I would give a recap of the You Decide pieces that have occured up until now.

Eliot Johnson got the idea started, more or less, with his recommendation of Skyscrapers of the Midwest.

Then the actual comics began (in alphabetical order by title):

Asterix the Gaul (courtesy of zaki)

Captian America #345 (courtesy of Chauncey Von Buelow)

Cine-Manga: That's So Raven (courtesy of Loren)

Dark Horse's The Book of the Dead (courtesy of the Eyeball Kid)

Dream Police #1 (courtesy of Anonymous)

Eclipse & Vega: The Beds That We Make (courtesy of Saul)

Electric Girl (courtesy of Lyle)

Ex Machina (courtesy of Matt)

F-Stop (courtesy of FunkyGreenJerusalem)

Fallen Angel (courtesty of Anonymous and Michael)

Flaming Carrot Comics #1 (courtesy of Anonymous)

Fred The Clown (courtesy of Christopher Burton)

Global Frequency (courtesy of Chad)

Hicksville (courtesy of Joe Rice)

Intimates (courtesy of Brad Curran)

Invincible (courtesy of Jed)

Justice League Elite (courtesy of Justin Davis)

Kane: Greetings From New Eden (courtesy of Will)

Kingdom of the Wicked (courtesy of Greg)

Krachmacher (courtesy of Mike)

Lucifer: Devil in the Gateway (courtesy of Fabian)

Lurkers (courtesy of Michael May)

Modesty Blaise (courtesy of Zack)

Phoenix: Dawn (courtesy of Anonymous)

Planetes, Book 1 (courtesy of Brad Curran)

The Pro (courtesy of thetechnocrat)

The Punisher: MAX
(courtesy of TC Smith)

Rex Mundi (courtesy of Greg Burgas)

Scurvy Dogs (courtesy of Greg Hatcher)

Street Angel (courtesy of Adam)

Ultimates: Homeland Security (courtesy of MCF)

Wildcats: Battery Park (courtesy of Jake)

A lot of good comics in those picks!

And a lot more coming up (do not worry, folks, I will eventually get to all the picks that I get ahold of)!

Be sue to take part in September's "You Decide"!

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