Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tofurky Not Funny!

I enjoyed Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #1 for the most part. I thought it was an interesting enough issue, but I think I would have preferred something with a little more heft to it. Luckily, writer Damon Lindelof answered the call with the second issue, a book that manages, in one issue, to examine Bruce Banner and the Hulk's relationship to an extraordinary degree, all the while managing to be laugh out loud funny at many times. Leinil Francis Yu is good on the art, as well, but, well, I bet you figured that already.

The gist of the story is thus: We discover, in this issue, just what Bruce Banner has been doing from the moment he woke up trapped on a aircraft carrier about to be nuked.

What you have is months and months of Bruce trying to come to terms with his life. Lindelof (as I am sure he is used to by now, writing Lost) uses passages in time very well, as he manages, in just a page or two, to effectively get across Bruce's attempts at inner peace, while also his constant frustrations at being unable to achieve said peace. This is punctuated by his transformations into the Hulk, which, as we all remember from Millar's The Ultimates, can be used for comic relief quite easily, and Lindelof does not shrug away from this usage.

He offers us such choice pieces as the title to this entry, which is the reaction after some Irish farmer give Bruce too much of a hard time over eating tofu instead of actual meat. There is also a very funny scene with Bruce/Hulk's reaction to being psycho-analyzed.

The issue ends with perhaps a breakthrough, perhaps not, but either way, for an issue that is essentially putting off the actual "Wolverine versus Hulk" thing for another issue, it was widely engaging and interesting and FUN.

Meanwhile, as mentioned before, Yu does a fine job, but I just wish to give a special nod to his ability to keep up with Lindelof's changes in time, as each change requires a new look for Bruce, as well. Yu is never left behind on the changes, and gets across nuances quite well.

Very fun comic.

Oh, and Dave McCaig deserves a shout-out for his colors.

But I dunno....

it IS kinda funny...hehe.

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Blogger Zach said...

Yeah, but nowhere NEAR as funny as Tofutti. (Tofutti may actually be the most keentacular thing since tuna salad, but David Cross has ensured that simply hearing the word in my brain will make me smirk and stifle a giggle.)

2/23/2006 12:04:00 PM  
Blogger Spencer Carnage said...

Tofurky and Tofutti are both delicious. You guys are meatists.

2/23/2006 01:37:00 PM  
Blogger Apodaca said...

Sorry, but I demand at least 38% pork in my ice cream. That's how I roll.

2/23/2006 05:42:00 PM  
Blogger David said...

Tofutti is nice for having non-dairy desserts after a nice meat meal. Tofurky is an abomination. Hope that clears things up...


2/23/2006 06:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Dan Coyle said...

I agree, this was a pretty swell issue. But I'm rather impressed at how Marvel's letting the Hulk commit even more on-panel cold-blooded mass murder.

2/23/2006 07:24:00 PM  
Blogger kelvingreen said...

Nope, didn't like it at all (well, I loved the art). I just got bored witth Lindelof doing the same sequence of unfunny jokes again and again. Bleh.

2/24/2006 04:01:00 PM  
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The struggle that Banner has with himself trying to live with The Hulk and try too get a long with it is one pf the things of this comic. It is something we all have to live with one way or another.

9/03/2010 06:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Buy Cialis said...

Yeah you are right it is kind of funny, but I most likely will refuse such statement if asked in person or in any other situation. Still upon the comic I believe that second issues are always there to overcome the flaws of the 1st.

10/07/2010 12:54:00 PM  
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