Wednesday, February 22, 2006

This Comic Is Good - Mouse Guard #1

Today saw the release of Archaia Studios Press' Mouse Guard #1, by writer/artist David Petersen. It is the story of a world where a group of mice band together to protect the other mice in the territory. "Hail all those who are able, any mouse can, any mouse will, but the Guard prevail." Petersen's art is very impressive, but what stood out in this #1 was how good of a story it was, as well.

The format of the comic is closer to that of a children's book than a comic book, and it really works for Petersen's art, as it allows the scope of his drawings to really come across to the reader. The lettering is not all that good, but it gets the job done, I suppose.

In any event, in this first issue, a mouse traveling rice merchant disappears, and the Mouse Guard, namely Lieam, Kenzie and Saxon, investigate the disappearance. Ultimately, they come across a great danger, but even after they defeat this danger (in a beautifully illustrated action scene), there is a second, hidden danger to face. What REALLY impressed me by Petersen's writing is how, like a good writer, early dialogue that seems ONE way seems a whole other way based on further revelations. That's great. I love it when dialogue can work two different ways. Especially in the first issue by a new writer. That's very impressive.

Anyhow, when all is said and done, Mouse Guard has spectacular art (as you can see below), and a good story, too.

What more do you need for a number one issue?

Here's some sample art (not from the issue, but just sample Petersen Mouse Guard art)


Nice, eh?

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Anonymous C. Tynne said...

I'm definitely getting this.

I was -way- into the "Redwall" series when I was a kid...and this looks intriguing.

2/23/2006 07:03:00 PM  

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