Saturday, February 18, 2006

Colds are Bad, Rocketship Parties are Good

While it does not exactly translate to the written word, I have an awful sinus thing going on right now (whether it be a cold or whatever), so it sounds like I have both laryngitis and whooping cough, so while I physically CAN go out tonight, it would probably be fairly jerkish of me to go to a crowded place with said symptoms. Therefore, I am going to miss out on a super cool party tonight that any of you folks in New York would be silly to miss out on, which is Sammy Harkham, Kevin Huizenga, and Anders Nilsen premiering their comics (Crickets, Or Else #4 and Big Questions #8, respectively) at Rocketship in Brooklyn beginning at 8:00 pm tonight.

Well worth your time!

As for directions, the store is located at 208 Smith Street (between Butler and Baltic) in the fine borough of Brooklyn, New York.

You can get there by taking the subway (the F Train) to Bergen street.

The phone number for the store is 718-797-1348.

Click here for directions


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