Sunday, January 08, 2006

Fridays With Greg Hatcher Archive

Here are quick descriptions of each of the previous editions of Greg Hatcher's Friday column.

Fridays With Hatcher - Introduction

Friday in black-and-white - Greg takes a look at Marvel's 70s line of black and white comics.

Friday on the Stairs - Greg addresses the idea of comics feeling that they have to "prove" themselves.

Friday in a Fantasy World
- Greg asks "Why can't DC and Marvel sell Fantasy comics?"

Friday Inventory Control
- Greg rethinks his subscription list.

Friday in the Bargain Bin
- Greg takes a look at some comics he won on eBay.

Friday with the World's Finest - Greg gives his take on Superman and Batman.

Friday in Smallville - Greg talks about Smallville and continuity.

Friday in the Wold Newton meteor crater
- Greg discusses the Wold Newton phenomenon

Friday's Focus Group - Greg gets some of his students to give their views about some comics.

A Fragmented Friday - Greg discusses a few different topics, most prominently, Moon Knight.

Friday at the License Bureau - Greg begins to discuss licensed comics

Saturday in the Licensing Bureau - The licensed comics discussion continues!

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