Friday, December 16, 2005

Amazing Joy Buzzards Vol. 2 #3 - More Fun Than You Can Shake A Mythical Mexican Wrestler At

Amazing Joy Buzzards Vol. 2 #3 is an interesting issue for an Image book, in that it is not fully drawn by regular artist Dan Hipp. It has three different stories by three different artists, plus a bunch of different short stories/pin-ups by different artists. However, instead of doing this as a "fill-in" story, Mark Smith and Dan Hipp got some really badass artists to work on the issue. Khary Randolph, Sean Galloway, Mark Englert and Rick Cortes are some serious artists, and they help to make this a very enjoyable issue, for an issue that is not done by the regular artist, Dan Hipp (although he draws some pages in it, as well).

One of the drawbacks of Amazing Joy Buzzards (and it is a minor one), is that there are not many people in the comic who do not seem to think that the Buzzards are the coolest bunch of guys ever. Which is not a BIG deal, because they ARE pretty obviously cool, but even during the midst of Beatle-mania, there were plenty of folks who did not like the Beatles, and it is nice to see someone give them a hard time, which we see in the person of Joe, the head of their fellow touring band. It is especially nice to see someone give El Campeon a hard time, because he is so cool (a mythical Mexican wrestler who shows up to help the guys out? Awesome!), but I can see someone possibly being deluded enough for a time to think that he is not. So even though Joe ends up being convinced of El Campeon's coolness by the end of the issue, his moments of doubt were quite fun.

As for the stories, each one of them was fun. The premise is that, while on the plane together, Joe is giving El Campeon a hard time, so they all tell stories about El Campeon.

The first one depicted the guys in Britain, doing their best Hard Days Night impression, only doing it with Joy Buzzard flair (which includes having El Campeon bail them out). I especially enjoy some of the banter like "You're fired - You're hired." or "You're forever hired." Oozing with cool charm.

The second story, with El Campeon versus his secret weakness, was SLIGTLY less fun, but it had super cool art. I also like how it shows how the Buzzards are sometimes there to pick up El Campeon, and it is not just him bailing them out of trouble. In addition, you have to love the sheer honesty and innoncence of El Campeon. All the time he is being mocked by Joe, he handles it like its nothing. He just tells it like it is. So he's afraid of something weird? He isn't ashamed. He is El Campeon. That's all he needs to know.

I also love the great scene where El Campeon goes through different stories and decides NOT to tell them. Very funny.

Finally, the hesitance of El Campeon to tell a story that he knows Joe will be hurt by is handled well. The story itself was pretty straightforward, though, but Joe learned his lesson. And when we learn how the Buzzards became connected to El Campeon? Creepy, but super cool at the same time.

So, yeah, fun issue, and I can't wait until the next one! the way, speaking of cool things, check out what Dan Hipp did for Joe Rice. That lucky bastard, Rice!!

How cool is THAT?!?

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Blogger T. said...

You know, I tried the first trade of this book, and it was good, but it didn't seem quite worthy of all the hype it received. A big reason I especially couldn't get into it was because aesthetically the characters just really reminded me of those annoying Brooklyn hipsters in Cobble Hill and Williamsburg that I can't stand. I really just can't stand hipsters. The last thing I need is more exposure to ironic eyeglasses and hairstyles.

But it deserves it's success and I wish it the best. It's a tight entertaining production.

12/19/2005 08:32:00 PM  
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