Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Current Comic Conversation for 11/30

The shtick here is that I and a friend (or friends) look at the shipping list for this comic week and riff, using the books that are coming out for inspiration for the discussion. This week, I am talking with my pal Cayman, and my pal Ronald (writer of Space Monkey Robot Zombie Ninja Pirates)(B=Brian, C=Cayman, R=Ronald). There very likely WILL be some spoilers mentioned in the discussion, so be forewarned!

Let's begin!


B - Don't you just feel bad for Nunzio DeFillipis and Christina Weir? To have to just script Rucka's plots?

B - It must be like being Liz Taylor's makeup artist.

SEP050206 BATMAN #647 $2.50

R - Wonder if Winick will explain how Batman fit the giant penny in the batcave this issue? There are no doors big enough for it!

B - Where does Penguin buy his umbrellas?

R - We need three pages of finding that out, Brian!

C - Is Shane Davis drawing this issue?

B - I think Shane Davis is resting up for the Annual, Cay.

C - it'll be dumb if they claim Jason was never dead, when we saw him in Limbo

B - I think it will be Earth 2 Jason

B - But that's just me

B - I think they just gave Shane Davis an exclusive.

R - So, that means he's stopped working then?

B - I think everyone gets an exclusive.

B - It is like that episode of Oprah.

B - And YOU get an exclusive!

B - And YOU get an exclusive!

B - And YOU get an exclusive!

C - I want a comic where a superhero throws cars at villians and goes "You get a car! You get a car!"


B - Anyone else mystified at the idea of selling an "absolute" edition of Crisis, when Crisis is filled with "follow this story in the pages of ____"?

R - Heh.

C - In Infinite Crisis #2, I noticed that Omacs were killing the Metal Men? Fuckers.

B - I missed that.

B - Bastards!!!

C - They'd pulled one of their heads off

B - Bah

B - They can grow their heads back

B - Just so long as their responsometers aren't destroyed!

SEP050233 DOOM PATROL #18 $2.50

C - I think it's funny that Doom Patrol finally ends this week

C - Slowest cancellation ever

B - Hah

B - It HAS been a long time, hasn't it?

C - We knew that 18 would be his last issue after issue 1 came out

B - Man...I thought Byrne had something there, too.

B - For, like, a nanosecond in issue #2.

B - But you just cannot debut a controversial new series, then have a piss poor first issue.

B - #2 was a big improvement, but by then, everyone was gone.

B - And I still cannot believe that Nudge is supposed to be Korean.

C - I can't believe someone though a four-armed gorilla was a good idea

B - Good point.

R - Doom patrol?

R - Sucks!

B - Yes, and it reached the conclusion we all saw coming from #1.

B - Which, of course, just raises the point regarding all these Infinite Crisis spin-offs.

B - How many of them will see #18?

B - A brand-new Blue Beetle?

B - Yeah, THAT will be a success

C - Wasn't it shortly after 1 came out that Byrne announced that DP was guaranteed until 18?

B - Yeah, which WAS a big deal at the time, that he got past a year.

R - Blue Beetle will not make it that far.

C - it's pretty sad that all Giffen can do is say "aw give it a try"

B - Although, at least Giffen will have a scripter on Blue Beetle.

R - He doesn't have a scriptor on Drax though

B - Drax is like Halley's Comet.

C - Drax mainly works because Paibok is so funny, I think

B - Paibok IS awesome in it.

C - It should be called Paibok, really. Drax has barely been in it.

B - I think Drax also works because of the scenes where the Blood Brothers attack Drax just because, well, they have to.

C - I liked when they killed the old lady too

B - And when Drax was drinking the fuel.

B - The little girl is a nice angle.

C - I'm surprised that DC's learned nothing from the tepid response to the Firestorm relaunch though

C - As far as Blue Beetle goes

B - Yeah.

C - you can't just pass the costume around

R - Yeah, Spider-Man is Peter Parker. Captain America is Steve rogers. Other people may have been them, but they will remain that character in the long run.

B - Will Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis make it 18 issues?

B - Or will it either be cancelled or rechanged?

R - There probably will be an aquaman comic, but who knows.

C - Aquaman: Shield of Sub Diego

B - Aquaman: Spork of Taco Bell

B - I think the thought is, as Marvel so aptly mocked in the What The..? special, that Infinite Crisis is SO great that it will make any series that spins off from it great.

B - As we know, only one or two spin-offs ever actually succeed.

B - Which will be the one that succeeds from Infinite Crisis?

B - I can't think of a single one.

B - Shadowpact?

B - Checkmate?

B - I can see Checkmate lasting as a "Gift to Rucka" from DC.

B - But that's all.

C - Like how Gotham Central survived on good will

B - Yeah, like how Didio apparently said that he would NEVER cancel Gotham Central.

R - Well, he's renaming it.

B - Is he?

B - I thought that that was a rumor.

B - I didn't know that was true.

R - And they did lose the better writer on the comic.

B - The writer I (perhaps unfairly) attributed every single good thing on the book to

R - As far as I still know, they are continuing a cop comic. But you know DC plans change daily.

C - I expected they'd be announcing a lot of big teams like Morrison/Kubert Detective, but instead it's all this pissy stuff

B - Agreed, Cay.

B - They were getting us all hyped up.

B - And so far, the biggest COOL news has been Waid/Perez on Brave and the Bold.

B - And that...

B - Well

B - Isn't THAT cool.

R - I wish Perez would draw for someone not so... Waid. or Rucka, or Johns.

B - Yeah.

B - Imagine Morrison and Perez. How trippy would that be?

B - I don't even know if it would WORK.

R - That's what i was thinking.

B - It would just be trippy.

R - Or All Star JLA with Miller and Perez.

B - Wow.

B - That'd be BEYOND trippy.

SEP050244 JLA CLASSIFIED #14 $2.99

C - I like the irony of Ellis being the only person writing the JLA with respect

SEP051663 IMAGE COMICS HC $24.99

R - Wow! the Image 10th anniversary hardcover is out this week! And it beat Kevin Smith!

B - Are they still calling it the 10th Anniversary?

B - It should be called something like Image X.

R - Well, they are now calling it "Image Comics hardcover"

AUG051723 VICE CGC GRADED 9.8 #1 $59.99

R - Why the hell are Image soliciting graded comics?

B - Because something needs to support Jack Staff's publication!

B - It was either sell graded comics or heroin. I THINK they made the right call. But I am not sure.

B - Also, wait until you see how Dynamic Forces responds.

B - Rick Remender better check underneath his car tomorrow.

SEP051922 AMAZING FANTASY #15 3.99

R - Isn't Amazing Fantasy #15 the issue with the debut of Spiderman, nemesis to Spider-Man?

B - No, it is when Marvel forces a bunch of cool writers to recreate old Marvel characters.

B - I am guessing that it will actually be good.

B - Although nothing else in Amazing Fantasy has been.

B - Okay, that's a bit harsh. Fred Van Lente has had some good work on Scorpion.

R - Mark Brooks was artist on the Arana arc.

B - He was, but luckily, most of her scenes involved her being covered up, so he did not have to draw a human face.

R - Heh.

R - Brooks has a similar problem with faces that dillon has, in he doesn't really make more than one face. But, he's not as good with that face.

B - Agreed.

R - And also, Brooks is, like, 12. He was signing at the shop the one Wednesday.

B - Jimmy Cheung is also freakishly young, considering that he has been in comics since 1995.

C - I think Amazing Fantasy would do better to do shorter arcs

B - That is what this issue is, it is all short stories.

C - I might get it next week when I have more $$$

B - The book IS pricey.

C - I want to read the Pak story

B - I bet the Pak story will be good.

B - I think it has a story by the winner of Comic Book Idol I. It is always good to know that Comic Book Idol did some good.

SEP051913 BLACK PANTHER #10 $2.99

B - I think Hudlin's main goal.

B - Is to have every character in the Marvel Universe.

B - At one point or another.

B - Say, "Wow, Black Panther is AWEsome!"

R - And to show how much cooler and smarter Black Panther is.

B - In this issue, Luke Cage is shown in prison,with posters of Black Panther on his cell wall.

B - For real.

B - Really.

B - On his cell wall.

B - Luke Cage.

B - Has posters of Black Panther.

B - On his cell wall.

B - Luke Cage.

C - lol

C - Marvel always has to have a bad writer to stand by for no apparent reason, and then quietly get rid of. Zimmerman, Austen, Hudlin

B - Hah.

B - In addition, Hudlin also rewrites Cage's origin.

B - You know, just for kicks.

B - Now, Cage breaks out of prison, instead of being released.

B - Which sorta, you know, makes the whole "Public Hero" thing a bit, you know, sorta NOT WORK

SEP051960 GENERATION M #1 (OF 5)$2.99

B - This is the example of big company "shockers."

B - The perfect example.

B - They depower Chamber, thereby giving him a gaping hole in his chest.

B - But....

B - He doesn't die.

R - When did chamber get the hole back?

B - I think it is a conspiracy against Frank Tieri's continuity.

C - I heard Paul Jenkins is the new writer on Pulse.

C - He was going to start in a few months, but suddenly, he had an opening in his schedule where 'write Sentry #7 and 8' was"

R - HA!


B - And yeah, the creative team from Generation M is going to be doing the Pulse.

C - Jenkins is a good choice for Pulse but I have doubts about how well it will do

B - Probably the ultimate "meh."

B - Not "boo"

B - but not "yay."

B - In any event, Chamber is depowered, but it somehow didn't kill him.

B - Which is just silly.

R - Well, the hole is already healed over.

B - But he had a giant hole in his chest!!

B - You cannot live with a giant hole in your chest!!

R - ...I am.


C - MY big ticket item is Giant-Size Invaders!

B - Why are you getting Giant-Size Invaders? Isn't it all reprints?

R - Because Cay loves the Invaders

C - It has 8 pages of new stories

B - Does it, Cay? Who by?

C - Roy Thomas

B - Is it really Roy Thomas, Cay? That's kinda neat.

B - Although, I remember the last tiem they let Roy Thomas redo an old book of his

B - It was called Secret Defenders

B - And, to quote Mssr. Gump, "That is all I got to say about that."

C - I'm baffled why they are releasing Giant-Sized Invaders though

C - Unless it's to capitalize on the Winter Soldier?

R - Maybe they are planning a New New Invaders. or an Old New Invaders.

C - New Invaders rocked

C - Marvel should get Allen Jacobsen to write something else

C - Geoff Johns's first series bombed, too!

SEP051940 NEW AVENGERS #13 $2.50

R - New Avengers will rock this week when Ronin takes off his body because there is no way he can look like that!

B - I really don't get the Ronin thing.

B - I mean, it just doesn't make sense, does it?

B - I really don't CARE

B - But at the same time, it really doesn't make sense either.

C - It's a bad way to do a who-is-it mystery

B - In addition, I can just imagine Finch's reaction to being asked to draw it, "What do you MEAN, she has a HANDPRINT on her face?!?!"

R - Heh.

B - What's great about Finch is that he'll be right upfront and say, "yeah, I had no idea who she was."

R - Poor Finch. He thought with a book called "avengers" he would get to draw action scenes.

C - I like the character but not the man suit.

B - I like the character, too, but the man suit is just weak.

R - Yeah, how does one wear a man suit?

C - It's a very cool costume, though.

SEP051965 NIGHTCRAWLER #12 $2.99

R - Nightcrawler finally ends this week.

R - Now, Cay gets to write his Amanda sefton book.

B - I like how Nightcrawler was basically just a big book of "Whatever Darick Robertson wants

B - They even explain that in the letter pages of Nightcrawler #12.

B - Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa explains how he would write stuff into the comic because Robertson wanted to draw it.

C - Nightcrawler got cancelled just as it got really cool


B - Is this one of those things were only, like, total loser characters get entries?

B - Or ones with major changes?

R - Or do they repeat the entries from last year?

B - It's the same fear I have with the new A-Z series they're having.

B - Is it going to be new stuff, or not?

B - Because I really do not know of a market for a comic that just tells us "Oh yeah, Wolverine remembers stuff now." or a comic that is just about, like, Azazel, Blazing Skull and Caliban (for A-C).

R - And how does it feel to be the writer for those kinds of books?

B - That is why they have so many.

B - It is like a firing squad.

B - Where only a few of the multiple shooters have loaded guns.

B - The rest have blanks.

B - So they get all these writers together, and they write, but no one knows if THEIR piece is the one appearing IN the comic.

B - So no one feels the need to kill him or herself.

R - And how bad is it for the book when half the information is probably outdated?

B - Not as bad as DC's Who's Who, which came out...DURING CRISIS!!!

R - Heh.

R - For the Magneto entry, they should just have a "he's dead, no alive, no dead, no alive..."

B - They should write Not Applicable

C - "He can't even make a spoon fly"

SEP051921 WOLVERINE #36 $2.50

R - Will wolverine start calling himself James now?

B - Chris made a remark about Wolverine today that made me laugh, because it was so true.

B - "This issue will likely be people talking about Wolverine and barely show Wolverine in the issue."

B - How the hell does Way have a tic already?!?!

R - Heh

SEP051972 X-MEN #178 $2.50

C - I heart Milligan

B - I think Milligan has such a crummy hand to work with.

B - I mean, who the hell came up with the idea of having specifically "the lame X-men team"

C - his team has my favorites on it

C - plus Gambit

B - Yes, but that's not why they gave him them.

B - They did not say, "Here's a team full of characters Cay likes."

C - they should've!

B - I like most of the characters, too.

B - But he got them because they were the ones Whedon and Alan Davis didn't want.

C - yeah

B - Which is a freaky way of doing things.

OCT052790 ARCHIES SUPER TEENS #1 (O/A) $2.00

R -What is O/A?

B - Offered Again

B - What other genre should they do Archie comics in?

R - archie hentai!

R - Archie Hentai tentacle super spectacular!

R - Or Archie Hard boiled Detective Stories

OCT053090 LIVING IN INFAMY #1 (OF 4) (MR) $2.95

B - This is an interesting concept.

B - Supervillains in witness protection program

B - Guess who is writing it? Ben Raab!

C - eek

C - Although he is good-looking. Good-looking Ben Raab.

R - Raab's writing it? It will be the best comic of the year!

"SEP053118 EVILS RETURN VOL 4 (OF 4) GN$9.99"

R - That would be so much cooler if it was called "Elvis return"

B - That WOULD be a lot cooler.

B - But then I bet the British Royal Family would sue.

B - Just out of principle.

C - "We killed Elvis too"

B - I heard Priscella Presley made Elvis sell his comics.

B - I am pretty sure that's the right story.

SEP052967 FLARE #30 $2.99
SEP052968 FLARE ADVENTURES #15 $2.99

B - Which one has more T n A, do you think?

R - Flare. Adventures suggest more kid orientated content.

Well, folks, that's it for us! Feel free to check in to tell us how horribly wrong we were!!

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Anonymous Vic Fluro said...

Luke Cage did break out of prison, though.

11/30/2005 07:41:00 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

No he didn't. He was released on the contingency that he take part in the experiments that gave him super-powers.

11/30/2005 08:22:00 AM  
Blogger Nimbus said...

I thought he did break out of prison.

Cage agreed to take part in some experiments but a racist guard tried to sabotage the process. Instead of killing Cage though, it gave him superpowers. Cage freed himself and knocked out the guard. However, he thought he'd killed him and so fled. The other guards found Cage's tattered shirt and assumed Cage was dead. After that Cage changed his name from Carl Lucas to Luke Cage. (see the Marvel Directory entry).

Hence, he did break out and obviously no-one realised that this Luke Cage guy was the (supposedly dead) Carl Lucas.

11/30/2005 09:07:00 AM  
Anonymous Dizzy said...

Luke Cage has pictures of Black Panther on his wall in prison instead of a beautiful woman? After a few months you would expect him to go from "Yes, Black Panther is AWEsome" to "Woman! I haven't seen a woman in months!"

11/30/2005 09:10:00 AM  
Anonymous jacob munford said...

For Luke Cage, bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks.

11/30/2005 09:11:00 AM  
Blogger Bill Reed said...

1. Grant and Breyfogle came up with this old German guy that made all of Penguin's umbrellas. Circa Detective #610.

2. Man suits are easy to wear. Ever see Donnie Darko?

11/30/2005 10:07:00 AM  
Blogger Lex said...

Again with the Waid hate, Cronin? Tsk tsk tsk. I guess I should be greatful you didn't say anything about this week's Legion issue.

But I do have to say that this was the most entertaining of these Conversations. Good job guys!

11/30/2005 07:42:00 PM  
Blogger Brian Cronin said...

Waid hate?!?!

I said it was the coolest news that DC has released yet!!

11/30/2005 08:08:00 PM  
Blogger Ronald Bryan said...

We tried, but we could not find any interest to say anything about Legion at all.

11/30/2005 08:13:00 PM  
Blogger Brian Cronin said...

There's Lex, again with the Stony hate.

11/30/2005 08:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Brad said...

"B - How the hell does Way have a tic already?!?!"

Hasn't he been writing for Marvel for a few years now? I seem to remember him doing an arc on Tangled Web, which was awhile ago.

"B - I mean, who the hell came up with the idea of having specifically "the lame X-men team"

Well, they were Chuck Austen's team when he moved over to X-Men during Reload, so there's a joke about Austen in there, but I don't have the heart. It's like clubbing a dead baby seal. Or horse. A pony, maybe. Anyway, I get the feeling that anybody coming in behind Whedon and Claremont would be getting third pick.

"B - Imagine Morrison and Perez. How trippy would that be?

B - I don't even know if it would WORK."

That's pretty much how I'm looking at Morrison and Jim Lee on Wildcats. Or something like Brian Azarello and Joe Kubert on Sgt. Rock. Contrast like that always interests me. In the case of Morrison teaming with a guy like Lee or Perez, I think he'd really push them to do something different, which Lee especially could use.

"R - Or Archie Hard boiled Detective Stories"

If they can do Sabrina manga for pre-teen girls and Brian, they can give me and a couple of other weirdos Archie by way of Sin City, damn it!

11/30/2005 10:07:00 PM  
Anonymous thekamisama said...

I now have the mental image frozen in my mind of Priscilla burning all Elvis' Captain Marvel Jr.'s while a young Lisa Marie watches and learns how to one day destroy Nick Cage.

11/30/2005 10:58:00 PM  
Blogger Earth-2 Leigh said...

2. Man suits are easy to wear. Ever see Donnie Darko?

If Bunsen Bunny shows up and asks her why she's wearing it.... well, I still won't be reading it.

But if there was going to be a man suit anyway, Ronin should have been Doop.

12/01/2005 12:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Iron Lungfish said...

As long as we're talking third-tier New Avengers (oh, the redundancy), I've really liked the first couple issues of Paul Jenkins's new "Sentry" series. Never liked the first one, which was too dependent on a mystery I wasn't interested in, and the arc in New Avengers was pretty terrible, but I thought the first issue of the new series, with the Sentry speeding around the planet to the deterministic schedule of his all-knowing super-clock, was pretty cool. Sure, it's "Superman if he were totally bonkers," but it's done pretty well.

By the way, is anyone reading "The Other"? No? Okay, just checking.

12/01/2005 12:22:00 AM  
Blogger Lex said...

Sorry Cronin. My bad. I wasn't paying attention to who said what. My "tsk tsk tsk" was for Ronald's "I wish Perez would draw for someone not so... Waid." comment.

So Ronald: tsk tsk tsk. :)

12/01/2005 03:48:00 AM  
Blogger Holli said...

I think it will be Earth 2 Jason

I read this, and some tiny part of my brain helpfully supplied the image of Pre-Crisis Jason Todd. Who was a blond, perpetually cheery acrobat who referred to his crime-fighting outings with Bruce, in his diary, as "dates."

So, uh, he must have gotten *awfully* angry at some point. But, you know, I tried thinking about how that could possibly work and my brain threw a gear after three seconds, so good luck with that one.

12/03/2005 03:19:00 AM  
Blogger Brian Cronin said...

"So, uh, he must have gotten *awfully* angry at some point."

The theory is that he would find out what happened to the Earth-1 Jason, and that would be what set him off.

12/04/2005 02:40:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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