Sunday, November 27, 2005

X-Men Deadly Genesis Guessing Game Contest!

Okay, so Ed Brubaker is a good writer. I think he has pretty much proven that. Do we all enjoy every single thing he writes? Of course not. That should not bring down the fact that he is a good writer. In honor of his goodness, I am starting the X-Men Deadly Genesis Guessing Game Contest! I am stressing the whole "Ed Brubaker is a good writer" thing because, well, I can reasonably see how a lot of you folks might not think Deadly Genesis is all that great. I think #1 was good, but I can definitely see how reasonable minds may vary. So for those that have a problem with Deadly Genesis (specifically those who say, "I like Ed Brubaker, but I think his talents are being wasted writing an X-Men "Event"), just view this contest as a way to match wits with Ed Brubaker, who is a good writer.

The contest is as follows: I will post what I think the "twist" will be in Deadly Genesis, based on my guesses and some guesses of others (Michael Pullmann was the first one I saw make the main twist guess, but I am sure others had as well). The contest will be for you all to come closer to the ACTUAL plot of Deadly Genesis than I did.

I will judge the contest, and the winner gets a cool trade. The trade will be determined based on the winner's preferences (I want to make sure the winner gets something he or she has not already read and/or something he or she WANTS).

Here is my guess at the plot of Deadly Genesis:
This is the first team put together to save the original team.

Krakoa killed them, but realizing his mistake (that he could not feed off dead mutants), he let Cyclops free to go get him some fresh mutants.

Moira is naturally upset that Charles let a bunch of mutants die.

I do not think that Xavier neccesarily had to brainwash people to forget. I think he could pull this off by just not telling everyone, but let's say he brainwashes her.

Meanwhile, once they died, Xavier was prepared to just leave it be, as he did not want to see any more mutants die.

However, that's when Cyclops returns. This gave Xavier new hope. At this point, I bet he figured the original team was dead, too.

Now knowing that they are alive, he tries a new team. Note the international arrangement of X-Men. Wasn't that kinda weird? After all, why travel around the world when you can just go to USA. This is because the USA mutants were the ones he picked FIRST, and now they're dead.

So he had to stretch his reach to international mutants, as well as former acquantinces like Banshee and Sunfire.

Krakoa (or at least pieces of it) is now in space, and when the mutant energy escaped from Earth, it collided with Krakoa (or leftover pieces of it), bringing one of the dead mutants back to life.

So this is a cool idea because it makes Xavier a "villain" without REALLY making him a villain, as he never intended to send out a new team until Cyclops returned alive (heck, maybe he even thought his second team was alive!). This would address the whole "That sick bastard, why would he send out a new team when the previous team died?" complaint (which is a reasonable complaint). It also explains why Xavier went to international mutants for the All-New, All-Different Team.
So there you go! Simply come closer to the actual plot than that, and also come closer than everyone else, and you win yourself a nice comic book trade!

The contest will last until the 2nd issue is released (which is December 21st, 2005).

You can post your entries in the comments section.

Sounds easy enough, no?

So go to it!

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Blogger T. said...

I doubt I can beat that. It sounds pretty convinving. Just wanna say that I tried this last night and actually liked it better than All-Star Superman (although that was good too). Brubaker is a sorely underrated writer, one of the best.

I also have to say, although I was disappointed in the mini overall House of M #8 did a good job of setting up Deadly Genesis with the Pym speech in the final pages.

11/27/2005 09:57:00 AM  
Anonymous Jefferson said...

Just wanted to add on to your plot summary,you wrote...
"Krakoa (or at least pieces of it) is now in space, and when the mutant energy escaped from Earth, it collided with Krakoa (or leftover pieces of it), bringing one of the dead mutants back to life."

I don't think it's one mutant but an amalgamation of the first mutant team that Xavier put together and possibly Krakoa. The mysterious mutant recognized Scott and thought Rachel was Marvel Girl. Also the rock formation that caught the shuttle mimics the same mutant power that Petra has in the back up story. The mysterious mutant displays several different "abilities".I think the back up stories will feature the individuals from the "first" team. Some think this mutant is Thunderbird ( the color combination of the costume works) but I think this is a ruse. Thanks for the game!!!

11/27/2005 08:40:00 PM  
Anonymous Al said...

Shoot, that's almost my guess too. Krakoa beats the second team, and the New X-Men we know and are sick of are actually Team 3.

Krakoa was hurled into space at the end of GSXM #1, and as long as you ignore Quasar #15 - where I don't know what happens because it makes absolutely no sense, but Krakoa's definitely found his way elsewhere - anyway, as long as you pretend it didn't happen, he's still there. That mutant flare just woke Krakoa up.

In some issue of Excalibur they fight one of Krakoa's spores, and the spore creates little fake X-Men with their powers. They're called like Veg-O-Men or something. I advise strongly against reading this issue; it sucks. I say Krakoa - being stronger and better than better at making Veg-O-Clones, and he's made one with all the powers of teams 1, 2 and 3. (I saw some Storm-esque lightning in there, and that definitely looks like Thunderbird's costume.)

But I do think Krakoa sent Scott back both times to get more mutants, and I think Prof X decided to keep trying. He didn't have to wipe anyone's mind - Krakoa did it for him - but he did keep sending the troops on purpose.

11/28/2005 09:41:00 AM  
Blogger T. said...

Anyone know why those astronauts were dead for 3 days before the mutant on Krakoa woke up?

Gotta say, I love how Brubaker writes mysteries. His clues actually tend to be parts of the solution. Compare that to Long Halloween and ID Crisis, where the writers were so geared to dropping clues that were red herrings that they forgot to give readers any real clues that went toward actually solving the mystery. Brubaker really does good mystery.

11/28/2005 10:22:00 AM  
Anonymous Nitz the Bloody said...

Have to say, it's BECAUSE of how Brubaker writes mysteries that I'm not buying Deadly Genesis. Granted, I've only read Authority: Revolution out of all his works, but the fact that Revolution was so utterly dissapointing, combined with the fact that I'm divorcing myself from the X-Books, means that I'm not going to touch this comic.

I hope I'm not spoiling anyone who reads Revolution in TPB ( I personally wouldn't, because there are so many better Authority comics prior to it, whose spirit Brubaker's story basically defiles ), but my experience was that I HOPED it wasn't a set-up from the beginning, and when it wasn't a set-up, but the machinations of a villian from way back in StormWatch who I had no emotional connection to, the book rapidly slid downhill into a comic that was just like every other superhero comic out there, except with more blood and swearing.

That, and any comic that has the line " You have to realize what a complete and utter bastard Charles Xavier was " ( I read this blurb in the store, didn't actually buy the book ) is misguided at best. Dude's the Martin Luther King of the mutant rights movement, supposed to be an inspiration to us all, but everyone keeps making him evil these days :(

11/28/2005 07:45:00 PM  
Blogger T. said...

Ironically, more and more gets revealed every decade about MLK being more of a bastard than people thought as well, so I guess it's just another example of comics following the real world. As our heroes get less and less squeaky clean as time goes on (some of the stuff you learn about JFK each decade after his death for example is staggering), so do our comic book icons.

For example, google Martin Luther King and terms such as communism, infidelity, prostitutes and plaigarism. The revelations that have come to light about him since his death, some from his own best friend, are pretty surprising.

It all depends on your take. Some may say it tarnished the man. Some just say it humanizes him. I just bring this up to say that giving Professor X some moral flaws may actually bring him closer in line with MLK than you may think.

11/28/2005 11:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Nitz the Bloody said...

T.-- following your post I did some research on the truth about MLK. What I found out is that his name was really Michael King ( Martin Luther just sounded nicer ), he plagiarized in college, had links to communist organizations, and had extramarital affairs. Some of the stuff I found out was BS, such as the allegations of beating up prostitutes. The point is that he wasn't perfect. Still, he never, I dunno, turned into an unstoppable monster like Onslaught, kept a sentient being imprisoned and ran experiments on it, or whatever shit he'll be guilty of in Deadly Genesis.

There's humanizing Xavier and then there's defiling him. There are ways to make Xavier fallible without making him outright evil; Grant Morrison, for example, had a few moments where Charles tended towards feelings of superiority over humans, but he never acted on them. Obviously a guy with the most powerful mind on Earth will be tempted to do questionable things; the fact that he doesn't is a testament to his character. However, between Onslaught nearly a decade ago, Whedon's wretched " Dangerous " storyline, the out-of-continuity but rather sinister portrayal of Xavier in Ultimate X-Men, and the upcoming revelation in Deadly Genesis, not only do the writers miss the point of the character, but it's becoming almost a cliche to reveal one of Xavier's horrifying secrets.

I see the real Martin Luther King's flaws and think of a fallible human being who made mistakes-- plenty of them-- but went on to lead the civil rights movement and contribute immeasurably to society. I see the ficitonal Charles Xavier's flaws and just see a bastard. It's not really the same, unfortunately...

11/29/2005 01:11:00 AM  
Blogger T. said...

Yeah, you have a point that the X-writers do overdo the whole asshole aspect of Xavier's personality. But to me, the X-Men in general are terribly amoral and irresponsible, not just Xavier. It's always been a problem I had with them. They regularly harbor fugitives (or kidnap them from the custody of authorities) and try to reform them only to have them go batshit and cause rampant destruction later on. I've gone into a whole list of their questionable decisions here.

So yeah, maybe adding one more a-hole moment to Xavier's resume may not be the best move. But unfortunately I think there's a strong precedent.

I haven't read all of Authority Revolution, but if that's all you read from Brubaker I suggest you try Sleeper and it's prequel Point Blank. Scene of the Crime is also pretty good. All are available in trades. Revolution is definitely one of his weaker works.

11/29/2005 08:00:00 AM  
Blogger Spencer Carnage said...

You're way off

11/29/2005 02:23:00 PM  
Anonymous Chuck T. said...

Hey, I liked the Onslaught stuff...the first time Xavier went evil, back in X-Men/Micronauts! It was an old plot then!
I sat down this weekend and read Brubaker's Authority straight through. Sucked. The last page where Jenny and the Engineer talk about how everything ended up back where it started was like Ed slapping me in the face and taking $36 out of my wallet.
I want Deadly Genesis to be good, but I can't tell if the plot twist is really thin, or if everyone's just shouting out the answer. If you're going to make Xavier a jerk, make him a big jerk. What if the "All-New" team wasn't the second team he sent into Krakoa, it wasn't even the fifth team: he sent wave after wave of poorly trained, expendable young mutants to get eaten by an island. One or more of them actually survive being launched into space to come back, super cheesed, however many years later.
Stop guessing now: if everyone gets it right, Brubaker will be forced to change the ending: the mystery mutant was Krakoa all along! Or Jean Loring.

11/30/2005 04:27:00 PM  
Blogger kelvingreen said...

The astronaut is Daredevil's ex-girlfriend, the deaf martial artist known as Echo.

11/30/2005 07:44:00 PM  
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