Wednesday, October 12, 2005

This Chat Was Good - Steve Englehart

Like a lot of you, I am a big fan of Steve Englehart's work, so I am quite pleased to tell you that the chat with Mr. Englehart last week went really well, and here is the link to the transcript of the chat.

I made sure to bring up every question that you folks wanted me to ask! There was a lot of good stuff beyond that, but, for fun, here they are:

DJ Anderson said, "Be sure to ask him about his prose novel, THE POINT MAN" (someone else beat me to it)
Greg Hatcher: Mr. Englehart, I was-- am -- a big fan of your novel "The Point Man." Is there a chance we'll see any more original novels from you?
Steve Englehart: Point man-- oddly enough...
Steve Englehart: When I wrote it, I said "I don't want to do the continuing adventures of Max August," so I never wrote a sequel. But about two years ago, I got a really good idea for a sequel that even played off the idea that twenty years had passed, so I wrote a proposal. And then completely out of the blue, I got an email from my "Point Man" editor, now with another house, asking if I had anything new going on! So there's a good chance that there just may be more along that line...
Greg Hatcher: Wow, that's great news!
Steve Englehart: There may be something to that magic stuff...
DJ Anderson said, "and his interest in Astrology that led him to so many of the great Dr. Strange and Starlord ideas."
Brian Cronin: Someone wanted me to ask you, Steve, about astrology. How much has astrology influenced your work?
Steve Englehart: I learned it for Doc and am still interested in it, but I rarely use it directly for work. That "Star-Lord" project was going to, but it never happened.
DJ Anderson then said, "I'd also love for him to add a "reading order" for not only Mantis, but Scorpio Rose, because both characters have a VERY convoluted history."
Brian Cronin: The same someone wanted to know if you could give a Scorpio Rose "reading order."
Steve Englehart: Scorpio Rose Tarot secrets would be a whole other conversation. :)
Steve Englehart: Speaking of Rose, though-- some guys have just done a film-school short with Coyote and Scorpio Rose in live action debuting in Toronto next month, but I don't yet know where.
T said, "Ask him about the Mantis obsession. Is she based on a real person?"
Brian Cronin: Another person wanted me to ask if Mantis was based on a real person at all.
Steve Englehart: Mantis was not based on anyone. I wanted a femme fatale, we were involved in Vietnam, and she appeared out of that (and then didn't turn out to be a femme fatale). Later, when Starlin and I did Shang-Chi, he was definitely based on Caine from the TV show.
We aim to please here at Comics Should Be Good!

However, be sure to read the rest of the chat! Really good stuff.

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Blogger MarkAndrew said...

"Brian Cronin: Excellent point, Stephane. It is funny how stuff like Richard Pryor on SNL, or Steve's Cap, couldn't be done today, and yet we act like we are so "advanced" culturally."

That's a damn good point.

At least in terms of comic culture.

And while I do think that the independent comic culture has advanced, the comic mainstream seems so timid and, well, kinda dumb, compared to the output of guys like Engelhart, Gerber, Starlin, or Kirby over at DC. Maybe it was due to the lack of editorial control at Marvel in the early seventies, but there were a bunch of guys doing really smart, really personal work, that was STILL accessable to ten year olds.

And they were doing it with, like, Captain America! And the Man-Thing!

Like, the superhero comic mainstream appeals to a way older audience nowadays, but if an artist wants to do something remotely political or intellectual they're either stuck under the Vertigo label or their stuff gets thrown out their with no promotion like that "True Tales of GIs in Iraq" book.

It bugs me that, either due to editorial restrictions or the writers themselves, no one seems to have really taken stuff like Engelhart's superhero work and really ran with it.

10/13/2005 04:08:00 PM  
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