Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Marc Andreyko Chat Transcript and Bob Layton Chat!

Here is a link to the transcript of the Marc Andreyko chat. It was fun, with Gail Simone and Stephen Sadowski stopping by, as well.

In addition, this Thursday, there will be a Bob Layton chat at Comic Book Resources!

Bob has had a very impressive career in comics to this point, with his long, successful run on Iron Man with David Michelinie, to his Hercules mini-series, to being Editor-in-Chief of Valiant Comics, to co-forming Future Comics, not to mention starting the Marvel series X-Factor and co-creating Huntress for DC with Paul Levitz.

The chat with Bob will be this Thursday, October 13th, at 6pm PDT/6pm EDT.

If you are already a member of CBR, then you just have to hit "Comic Chat," and then hit "vBChat Room Change" and choose to join the room marked "Bob Layton Chat."

If you are NOT already a member of CBR, you just have have to register, which is no big deal, as it's free. Just click here to register.

I hope some of you make it!!

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Blogger Sleestak said...

Nuclear Terrorist Clone! Darn it, have to work that night and no net access.

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