Monday, October 31, 2005

This Chat Was Good - David Finch

Now, don't get me wrong.

I love me the in depth comic book discussion stuff.

Alex Robinson recently had a chat where a lot of very interesting themes in his work were discussed (at least I found them interesting). It was a good discussion, and as soon as the transcript is up, I will share it with you folks, but at the same time, I, and I think the rest of you, can still appreciate stuff like this response, coming via the question "Why [do you prefer] Ultimate Daredevil as opposed to regular Daredevil?"

"Regular Daredevil just sits around all day and does lawyer stuff. It's a great read, but I don't think I could draw it without my brains bleeding out my ears."

That is the kind of responses David Finch gave at his chat the other week, and it makes for a really fun and enjoyable read.

Finch's frank answers and fun attitude made the chat a really cool experience. When asked to elaborate on a comment about Bendis being uncomfortable about working with Finch, Finch explains, "I'm an Image artist and we can have a tendency to ruin a good script! He just wanted to be comfortable that I wouldn't do that to him. Kind of a legitimate concern, really."

Well worth giving a read.

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