Monday, April 11, 2005

Judging DC Books By Their Covers

Hero Realm has the covers up for July's DC entries, and since we all love to prejudge things, let us prejudge DC's July books by looking at some of the covers!

First off, Jim Lee's two covers for All Star Batman and Robin #1...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

I am not a huge Jim Lee fan, but I am soooo pleased with these two covers. Talk about getting off on the right foot! I think this book will be a lot of fun, and these covers speak to that, ESPECIALLY the Robin one.

I gave Byrne a hard time over his first two Action Comics' covers, but I do not think it is necessary to have a new cover artist...especially Tony Daniel!

Image hosted by

In fact, take a look at that cover, now look at July's Adventures of Superman.

Image hosted by

Okay, now look at Superman's cover...

Image hosted by

What is this, some special cover theme month? Is it "Only one pose for Superman" month?!?!?

What is funny about Byrne's two poor Action Comics' covers is that his Blood of the Demon cover, I think, is a strong cover featuring Superman.

Image hosted by

Ah...I guess enough time has passed so that Jim Lee's costume designs can be messed with...

Image hosted by

To which I say, "THANK GOODNESS!"

Talk about covers that tell you NOTHING about the comic within...

Image hosted by

Luckily, that JLA Classified cover at least allows us to pretend that the story inside is good, which this JLA cover does not...

Image hosted by

Remember when you would see a cover like that and say, "Oh, some bad guy must be mind controlling the Justice League!" And now, it's "Super heroes betrayed by each other and fighting each other? It must be Wednesday!"

I promise that is my lone "The DCU is like the Titanic and Johns/Rucka/Winick are the Co-Captains" reference.


This cover sums up the current Flash right now...

Image hosted by

If you like that cover, you'll probably like the book. If you do not, then you will probably not like the book.

Talk about capturing the spirit of the title!

Image hosted by

This really shows you the genial whimsy that makes Plastic Man such a great title.

Let us hope that this cover does NOT capture the spirit of THIS title,

Image hosted by

as I am looking forward to this Dave Gibbons' series...but that cover does not look that great to me.

JG Jones is busy this week, contributing two strong covers - the first to Villains United #3 and the next to Wonder Woman #219...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Am I the only one who is irked when he sees good artists spend a lot of time on a piece, but it happens to be during the time when a character is going through a silly change? Like JG Jones having to draw Wonder Woman irks me.

I hope the book is as fun as this cover...

Image hosted by

as Nightwing sure could use it.

By the same token, I hope this book is not as serious as this cover...

Image hosted by

as Robin sure does not need it.

Wow...Kevin Nowlan can make ANYthing look cool, can't he?

Image hosted by

And I will admit, I am intrigued as to how this particular grouping occurs.

I love me cover homages, and Jesus Saiz complies...

Image hosted by

I also really like that sidekick of hers.

Just last month, I was teasing Ex Machina at being pretty predictable (good, but predictable), and then they pull this cover on me...

Image hosted by

You got me, Ex Machina!!

This was a STRONG cover, I thought.

Image hosted by

I cannot remember a cover that used the title that well.

This Guardian cover is probably my least favorite Seven Soldiers cover so far...

Image hosted by

Luckily, this Zatanna cover is neat.

Image hosted by

Seven Soldiers has had some striking covers, hasn't it?

Okay, get ready for some double-barrelled action here...

Image hosted by

You might be saying, "Wow...that is pretty lame," but then, you get hit by...

Image hosted by


Good ol' Hughes, always dependable. And he even throws in one extra bonus inappropriate cover this month!!

Image hosted by

How did the comic industry survive before Adam Hughes?!?!?!

Finally, my pick of the month for favorite cover...the esteemable Lee Bermejo...

Image hosted by

He rules, doesn't he?

That's it for me!

Any predjudices you all would care to share?


Blogger Mark said...

I love the look on Robin's face on the All Star Batman & Robin cover. He just looks so happy.

Wonder Woman on her cover is in the same pose as Superman on his... Ah. The solicits say 4-part crossover. This is a pretty dumb way of tying them together.

I don't like the JLA Classified cover. I wouldn't get the next arc if the insides didn't say "by Warren Ellis and Butch Guice." Anybody know who did it? I think it says "Michael-------" at the bottom, if I get all squinty. It seems to be a rendered image, which I'm generally not overly fond of anyways.

And where's GeoForce and Halo with Batman, Katana, Metamorpho and Black Lightning? Not that I want Outsiders anyways.

4/11/2005 10:30:00 AM  
Blogger Spencer Carnage said...

Why is everyone all upset that Batman's taking on the JLA? Quite frankly, I think its miles above the crap that JLA has been for the past year. I'm sorry, but Batman VS. the JLA is awesome, even if its a little recycled. JLA hasn't been anything to talk about for awhile, but all of sudden its vogue to talk about how much it sucks when no one really gave two shits how much its BEEN sucking all along.

No offense, I liked your post, just had to put my two cents in.

4/11/2005 12:18:00 PM  
Blogger Brad Curran said...

"I hope the book is as fun as this cover...

as Nightwing sure could use it."

That looks fun to you? I guess it is, in a "Nightwing's a Dick!" way, since he's being overtly cruel to Tim there. I guess it's more fun than the Tarantula stories everyone bitches about, though. Of course, so is scrubbing your genatalia with razorwire. From what I hear, mind you.

"Remember when you would see a cover like that and say, "Oh, some bad guy must be mind controlling the Justice League!" And now, it's "Super heroes betrayed by each other and fighting each other? It must be Wednesday!"

I like that one. I'm not picking up the storyline or anything, but it's a striking cover. 'm not gonna buy the arc, but I do like the coer. Maybe I'm just partial to Batman punching people holding phallic symbols in the face, though. I really don't want to think about that one too much.

Also, I can pretend that it's a good story by making up my own solicitation copy. Something like "Hawkman drank out of Batman's clearly labeled milk in the JLA community fridge, and now the Dark Knight wants REVENGE!" See, now that would be fun, wouldn't it? Especially if Zatanna resolved their differences not by brainwashing somebody, but by conjuring a fruit pie. Nostalgia everyone can love!

"This was a STRONG cover, I thought.

I cannot remember a cover that used the title that well."

Has James Jean ever done a bad cover? Or at least one that wasn't jaw droppingly gorgeous? I'm not so great with picking out the design sense, but I've always found his stuff to be beautiful.

"This cover sums up the current Flash right now...

If you like that cover, you'll probably like the book. If you do not, then you will probably not like the book."

That one's a lot like the Nightwing cover. Funny, in a really oddball way. Especially because non-Flash fans will think that he's being ambushed while exercising. If that's the actual story, I'll buy it.

"Luckily, this Zatanna cover is neat.

Seven Soldiers has had some striking covers, hasn't it?"

It has, but is Zatanna's ass transparent? That's really freaking me out.

"Good ol' Hughes, always dependable. And he even throws in one extra bonus inappropriate cover this month!!"

I generally like Hughes' stuff, but god, that is really creepy. It makes me pine for Cameron Stewart and Javier Pullido's covers.

4/11/2005 12:42:00 PM  
Blogger Brad Curran said...

I like the coer, I say!

4/11/2005 12:43:00 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Ah, the good ol' Cosmic Treadmill.

"I love the look on Robin's face on the All Star Batman & Robin cover. He just looks so happy."

Probably the wind rushing up those short pants.

And that regular Robin cover makes my head hurt. Yes, when you think of Robin, you think of guns.

4/11/2005 01:07:00 PM  
Blogger Thomas said...

...seems like there's as much variance in what readers find "fun" as what they find "good."

4/11/2005 06:28:00 PM  
Blogger Mercurie said...

I have to admit, I never was that big a fan of Jim Lee either. But I have to agree, he did a good job on the covers for All Star Batman and Robin #1!

4/11/2005 06:35:00 PM  
Blogger Bill Reed said...

I like the Aquaman cover, myself, though I think it's the second month in a row that it's shown up in the solicits.

And hey, I like the idea of that Flash cover, and the idea of the Cosmic Treadmill, but Porter's art is just bleugh.

...but why won't Frank and Jim put pants on Robin? Dammit.

4/11/2005 07:18:00 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Just saw on Newsarama that, yes, the almost identical Superman and Wonder Woman covers are intentional. There's some kind of crossover going on involving villains.

4/11/2005 07:36:00 PM  
Blogger Republic of Replicants said...

I'm sorta glad Huntress is getting a change in garb.
Jim Lee's look was nice. Just not very smart in battle.

And, yes, Zatanna's cover is awesome.

All-Star Batman looks like it may be fun.

Is Manhunter's new sidekick Jubilee's brother?

And it's a good thing Catwoman was getting undressed when she was surprised. The cover wouldn't have been as dramatic with her costume zipped up.
Great timing, evil Batman lookalike!

4/12/2005 01:51:00 AM  
Blogger Vavoom said...

I've just found this blog and now I'm bookmarking it. It's that good.

4/12/2005 02:34:00 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

I want to know where Looker is in that Outsiders cover. Screw Katana and Black Lightning! WE DEMAND LOOKER!

(Sorry - geeked out there for a moment.)

4/12/2005 02:44:00 PM  
Blogger Brad Curran said...

"I want to know where Looker is in that Outsiders cover. Screw Katana and Black Lightning! WE DEMAND LOOKER!

(Sorry - geeked out there for a moment.)"

Heh. She was in one of the first Batman stories I ever read.

4/12/2005 04:46:00 PM  
Blogger Brian Cronin said...

I thought it was hilarious how, as recent as, like, 1989, the Batman books were willing to have someone like Looker guest-star in the book.

Can you imagine Doug Moench or Chuck Dixon or Greg Rucka or Ed Brubaker having Looker guest star in an issue of Batman?!

4/12/2005 05:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Dan Coyle said...

I'd like to say something about the recent Tarantula arc, which I kinda sorta liked, but not too much:

Sandwiched in between the usual "I can't be to worried about what the fans think, in fact, I don't care SO MUCH I make a point of saying it in every interview I give" rigamarole in a Pulse interview, Grayson said she was a big fan of Jason Wiles and the Bosco character on THIRD WATCH. I realized the Bosco/Cruz arc- crazy Latina hottie gets our otherwise standup hero in big trouble- is kinda similar to what Dick and the Tarantula did.

Two problems, though:

Despite the extreme and often illegal measures Cruz took to bring down dealers, she at her core was a well intentioned person who eventually did the right thing.

Second: Bosco's a MORON. Dick Grayson isn't. The arc doesn't completely work because it was about Bosco's growing up- at least as much as he can grow up- given USER I wonder if Grayson thinks are men are at their core ballistic man children like him- but Dick Grayson wasn't in need of a growing up arc. Taking him to the edge, yes, but he has to be as stupid as Bosco to go there.

That's why everyone hated it.

4/12/2005 05:47:00 PM  
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