Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Helping You To Buy Good Things

As always, thanks to Erin Schadt for the idea that I am stealing.

First, we have the excellent funny book that I just did a piece on, Fred the Clown. You can Buy It Now here for about $15, with shipping factored into the equation. Or you can check out Amazon's selection of Used copies here, and I believe there is one copy available "like new" for under $13, shipping included.

If you like Noble Causes, here is an Ebay auction ending in five days for the first four issues of the first volume beginning at 99 cents. Shipping is whatever USPS charges. Here is a trade version of those comics, for about $13 with shipping included at a Buy It Now. Here is a trade of the second volume of Noble Causes, "Family Secrets" for a little under $13, with shipping included.

If you are curious about reading about Blue Beetle, to see why some people did not like his death, then you may enjoy the trade collection of Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire's Justice League: A New Beginning here from Amazon for various used prices. Also, here is the trade collection of the recent sequel by the same creative team, Formerly Known As the Justice League. In both cases, add $3.49 to the price for shipping. If you want new copies, here is a deal where you can purchase both trades for $20.49 (plus shipping).

If you are curious about John Ostrander and Timothy Truman's Grimjack, then check out the used copies of the trade collection of the first volume of Grimjack, Legend of Grimjack, for about $17 with shipping here. If you are really adventurous, then in about 2 and a half days, an auction is closing for Grimjack #1-81, plus 5 casefiles. It will set you back a minimum of $75 if you are the only bidder (starting bid is $40 and the shipping is $35), but if you are really into Grimjack, then that is less than a dollar a book. If you buy it now for $125, shipping is free.

Want to be able to tell Greg Burgas how wrong he is about Losers and Sleeper being basically the same book, but you do not have the issues to be able to base your claim? Well, the first 15 issues of Losers are in an auction ending in a little under three days here. Starting bid is $5.99, and shipping is $6.00. In addition, the first two trades can be bought used here and here for about $9.00 and $10.00 respectively (shipping included). And as for Sleeper, here is an auction for the first two trades, ending in five days, with a starting bid of $2.99, with shipping of $2.50. And for those who want more certainty, you can buy used copies (shipping included) of Vol. 1 ($13), Vol. 2 ($11) and Vol. 3 ($15).

Be Larry Young's....ahem....friend. Buy a copy of the Hardcover collection of Astronauts in Trouble here for under $16, shipping included.

Finally, not since Astroauts vs. Cavemen first became a debate has there been as divisive of a debate as Watchmen or Authority: Which is better? Check out used copies of Warren Ellis' two trades of Authority for (shipping included) $12 here (Vol. 1) and $9 here (Vol. 2). Meanwhile, get Watchmen for $17 (shipping included) here.

Go get some good comics!


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