Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Helping You To Buy Good Things

As always, mucho credit to Erin Schadt.

First up is a Scurvy Dogs TPB, for under 10 bucks, from Amazon (how sad is it that Amazon is cheaper than Ebay for this one?). There's surprisingly very little Scurvy Dogs trades available on Ebay...a lot of OTHER Scurvy Dogs stuff, though, like T-Shirts and stickers. Weird.

Amazon comes through again, with a Street Angel TPB, for under 12 bucks.

Ebay redeems itself by having two options for you to buy the Mother Russia storyline in The Punisher Max. This one is expiring in five days, and begins at 10 bucks. This one is expiring in five days, and begins at 4 bucks. In addition, you can always pre-order the TPB from Amazon for about 10 bucks.

Going towards Mark Waid's first run on Flash, this guy has a lot of small lots of Flash books from Waid's run. In addition, there are five trade collections of parts of Waid's run on Flash.

Born To Run (his first story arc) - available for $6.50 here, $8.49 here and $9.07 here.

Return of Barry Allen - available for $4.50 here and $8.49 here.

Terminal Velocity - The complete set of comics is available at a $5.00 starting bid, ending in a day here, the trade is available for a starting bid of $7.50, ending in a day here, and the trade is available for $8.82 here and $9.99 here.

Dead Heat (crossover with Impules) - available for $5.99 starting bid, ending in 4 days here and for a flat $9.99 here.

Race Against Time - available for $7.50 here and $9.99 here.

If you hurry, Alan Davis' entire run on Excalibur as writer/artist is only going for a buck, with an hour to go here!

Finally, here's a copy of The Punisher - Welcome Back Frank, going for under 18 bucks.


Blogger Bill Reed said...

*makes note to purchase Scurvy Dogs and Street Angel trades* It's impossible to find the singles. So I must order them...!

3/15/2005 07:08:00 PM  
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