Friday, February 25, 2005

The Time Has Come

Comics Should Be Good just keeps on growin
And the new blood just keeps on flowin
But what comes next you've no way of knowin
Nobody has guessed just where we're goin

So enter us, the Grammar Police
Two rhyming motherfuckers with more buzz than the bees
Sensei Smooth and Otto D. Struct
Make bad comics and you'll be fucked
Now Otto D. come take the mic
So our fans can see just what we like

Mastersa misdirection!
Rhymes that reach perfection!
Comic reviews as confection
--ary delights, there's no deception!
I'm Otto, he's Smooth, we write this shit,
Inna your heads our views transmit ,
So if you approve, please do remit
Your payment to us in website hits.

So here we go...

On the animal tip, we got WE THREE
Vertigo and Morrison gettin busy
This sci-fi nod to Incredible Journey
Rocks my head and fills my heart with glee
It's got dope-ass art by Frank Quitely
I always dig his shit, and this the best I've seen

These two have been the shit since Flex Mentallo
When the other fellas quit they say "Hell no."
With the mad ideas and the expert pen
I'm beggin, please, just do it again
Frank and Grant, superhero masters
I don't even rant for Vince to draw faster
It's a perfect book, totally sublime
So take a look, but now it's time
For Otto D. Struct (he started last verse)
To lay down more rhymes, all right it's yours

Who ya gonna call when you gotta zombie?
Don't be stupid - B P R D
Ya got Mad Mike and John Arcudi
Breakin out the myths to a T
Frog monsters and decrepit Nazis
Y'think they'd be played, but nosiree
This Hellboy spinoff makes my hips thrust
Dark Horse's got a winner, and so it's a must
The plot's divine, the characters robust
Especially that Roger, the Homunculus
If you buy every issue, this team'll earn your trust.
Life without Mignola and I'd be nonplussed.

It's true that I miss Mignola's pen
But if you don't know Davis, then where you been?
He's not an all time master like Magic Mike
But he's got mad style the way I like
From Wesley Dodds to the Marquis
He beats the odds and impresses me
He draws creepy shit like no one else
Got me so scared that I shit myself
But my bowel problems ain't our topic
We're rockin the rhymes about hot comics
This was our first, but we ain't gonna leave
Got unquenchable thirst for comics you see

But all you wack hacks
You better lay tracks
You'll get verbal smacks
And rhymed attacks
Hate ya to the max
Your shit stinks up the racks
No one's got your backs
And our exquisite taste has earned us plaques


Blogger Michael said...


2/25/2005 06:01:00 PM  
Blogger Lex said...

I don't quite know what this is, but I think it blew my mind.

2/25/2005 08:50:00 PM  
Blogger Joe Rice said...

I see my travels have not been in vain. I may be out some, but at least I brought in these two.

2/26/2005 10:01:00 AM  
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