Saturday, February 26, 2005

Helping You To Buy Good Things

Erin Schadt, one of the "Comic Queens" (you will find a link to their blog on the right hand of this site, or you can just click here), came up with such a good idea that I told her I just had to copy it.

She scoured Ebay to find really cool stuff that is being sold. I told her I would steal the idea, and here I am, stealing it...hehe.

First up, are two copies of Paul Grist's Kane: Greetings From New Eden Vol. 1. They are still going for about five bucks. They're ending in less than a day! Auction #1 and Auction #2.

Turning our attention to the Seven Soldiers (as I am wont to do), we have some auctions going on featuring some of the characters in the series. Our pal Johnny Bacardi told us what issues the Spawn of Frankenstein appeared in of Phantom Stranger (#23-29), and on Ebay, finishing within the next two days are the first appearance of the Spawn of Frankenstein (#23), the issue with the Spawn on the cover (#26), and a random third appearance (#28).

The Guardians of Metropolis mini-series is ending in less than three days here.

I'm afraid this one is going quickly, but if you hurry, in less than two hours, you can get a good deal on a copy of Guy Davis' trade, Baker Street: Honor Among Punks here. Sorry I could not give you greater warning.

I can give you a little more time for a copy of Buddy Does Seattle, as this one is finished in a little more than two DAYS.

Finally, here's a Buy It Now (for under 6 bucks) of Pounded.

Wasn't this a good idea by Erin?


Anonymous Brad Curran said...

Fat lot of good that did me, Cronin. I wasn't even online when you posted the Baker Street link you dick! Honestly, what were you thinking?

2/27/2005 03:23:00 PM  
Anonymous Brad Curran said...

Okay, yeah, yeah, I have to admit, it's a good idea. But you're still a dick for not conforming to my schedule.

2/27/2005 03:24:00 PM  
Blogger Christopher Burton said...

Good call on KANE, Brian. Paul Grist rocks! Hoohah!

2/27/2005 06:29:00 PM  

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