Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Simpsons Comics #102 Was a Fun Comic Book

Now this was a comic you really should just head out and buy right now.

It's only three bucks, so I really doubt that you'll regret it.

This was a really fun comic book.

The concept alone (The Simpsons characters become analogues for the Uncle Scrooge characters and go off on a classic Carl Barks-esque Uncle Scrooge adventure) is enough to pick the book up.

Just as a novelty.

Just to see Burns as Scrooge, Homer as Donald (with no pants, natch), and Bart, Lisa and Maggie as Huey, Duey and Looey.

So just on the novelty of it all, I would recommend it, but luckily, there's more.

Ian Boothby PACKED the issue full of action and of jokes. I mean, this book was filled to the brim with content. There were points in the book where I was saying to myself, "A normal comic would have stopped here" and I said that about 3 times!!

And the art!

John Delaney and Andrew Pepoy did a really good job on the art!

Generally, the Simpsons comics tend to employ a sort of "house style" where it is difficult to see a particular artist's style. Well, Delaney broke through in this issue. Good, good stuff. I am not sure if he is always inked by Pepoy...if he isn't, he should be.

In any event, I think this comic was really cool, and it would be cool if other people read it and said, ""


Blogger Brad Curran said...

I tend not to buy the Simpsons comics, despite being a huge fan of the show, unless it's something like that Futurama/Simpsons crossover Boothby did or that reprint magazine that had four stories for $3.99. That said, I do have easy access to all the Bongo Comics via Waldenbooks in town, so I'll look for it over there. You just can't pass up Homer with no pants.

1/27/2005 05:34:00 PM  

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