Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Current Comic Conversation

Welcome to the first installment of Current Comic Conversation, which is basically the same thing as Current Comic Report, only that two changes have been made. 1. I have dropped the preamble that I still think is really funny, but I wasn't really following anymore and 2. This is now officially a shtick where I, and at least one other person look at the shipping list for this comic week and riff, using the books that are coming out for inspiration. Today's chatter is my pal Stony (S=Stony, B=Brian).

Let's begin!


S: Embroidered...? I have an image of Granny Sapian and Old Lady Homunculus sitting around sewing on rocking chairs...

B: Then you have a weird imagination.

B: I just want to see some dude sew this on to a jacket and try to investigate the paranormal

S: Have I room to get into my whole rant about how I love Hellboy but BPRD just doesn't do it for me here?

B: Sure

B: Go for it

S: Well, see, I love Hellboy but... for some reason, I just don't get the same kicks out of BPRD.

S: The end

B: They should make a movie out of that story.


S: Does Dark Horse actually do, like... comics?

B: Of COURSE they do! They need something to base the mugs on, don't they?


S: When these All Stars were first announced... I was all rooting for BNatman to leave Superman in the dust... and then I read All-Star Batman #1 and I was discouraged... even more so when I read the All Star Supes previews, which were lovely.... And then I read All Star Batman #2... We're gonna STOMP all over Morry and Quitely

B: Who's we?

B: You and Frank Miller?

S: Me, Miller and Lee

S: And the goddamn Batman

S: Any word on whose doing All Star Wonder Woman?

B: Probably Chuck Austen and Ivan Reis

B: Just to fully pull a plug in the concept of "All Star" comics

S: I would like to see.... Chris Claremont write Wondy... After reading his wonderful WHOM GODS DESTROY, always wanted to see Claremont try his hand on WW

B: I bet he dreams of it.

B: And also maybe writing her comic someday.


S: Will this be like Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein?

B: No. It will be more awesome.

B: It is about the transition from Batman fighting gangsters to fighting supervillains.

B: It will be awesome.

S: Would you consider Batman's rogues gallery as supervillains? or just crazies?

B: You know what I would consider them?

B: Wait for it.

S: *holds onto something waiting*

B: Monster Men


S: Am I the only one who thinks of a new Starman story when I see this title?

B: No.

B: By the way, what genius planned it so that there would be TWO Batman Year 1.5 comics out...THE SAME WEEK!!!

S: Batman Year 1.5 seems to be all the reage... Englehart and Rogers... or were they Batman year 3.14159 26535... otherwise known as Batman year Pi...

B: Yes.

B: Interestingly enough.

B: The guy who did the movie Pi was going to do a movie based on Batman Year One.

B: It's a small world, after all.

S: Very small...

S: And to bring it around to a nice little circle... Darren Aronovsky's SEP050308FOUNTAIN HC (MR) $39.99 comes out this week too...

S: Whoa! synchronicity!

B: That is toooo creepy.

B: I think we should throw some salt over our shoulders.

SEP050306FABLES #43 (MR) $2.75

S: After the Arabian Nights story, then I'm dropping this title... coincidentally, I've been reading a brothers Grimm collection I bought for my sister last year... Those tales are pretty darn fantastic

B: Why are you dropping it?

B: Don't drop it.

B: It is good.

S: I dunno, Fables just grab me like it should... like Ex machina... though one character might just turn that around... Prince Charming

SEP050238GREEN ARROW #56 $2.50

S: You know whose art I'm not a big fan of? Phil Hester...

S: It's just... I dunno, too sketchy for me

S: I like nice defined lines

B: Here's a defined line.

B: "You are dumb for not liking Hester's art."

S: Seriously, they put this guy on Nightwing?

B: What's wrong with him on Nightwing?

B: I think he's done a great job.

S: His art just looks to me like he belongs in the 80s...

S: With mullets and other such embarassments

AUG050199SUPERGIRL #3 $2.99

S: Turner's Supergirl looks like an anorexic Billie Piper to me

B: Who is Billie Piper?

S: Bille Piper is the girl who hangs out with the new Doctor Who... she used to be a teeny bopper singer

B: Doctor Who?

B: What's that?

S: Nothing you'd be missing.


S: The dying gasps of a great Imprint... Although I hear tell that ABC will end with a bang with LOEG: The Dark Dossier

S: I like that name... The Dark Dossier... wonderfully atmospheric


S: Is this the one where she holds out the lasso like a hangman's noose?

B: Good question.

B: Probably one of the JG Jones covers.

S: I also think Jones is overrated too, y'know


B: Identity Crisis

B: I thought you wrote Infinite Crisis.

B: Then yeah, it's the one with the noose.

B: Ever notice that Turner's best covers are the ones where he shows as little of the figure as possible?

S: I will grant him... The Flash one he did did make me want to run very fast... it was inspiring

B: Exactly.

B: And what did that have? An obscured figure!!

JUN051806SEA OF RED #6 (MR) $2.99

S: Pirates and Vampires... whatever next? Samurai Vampires...?

B: You don't read Sea of Red, do you?

S: It was the Pirates that scared me away

S: Give me a good musketeer anyday... I think Pirates would actually make great villains if anyone can pull their heads out of this romantic notion everyone seems to have about Pirates

B: You should read Scurvy Dogs.

B: In any event, there IS a vampire samurai in the comic.

S: There is...? why am i not surprised...


S: ... you're kidding me... They've only *now* come out with Joss's second x-Men trade??

B: The last issue only came out a month ago, right?

S: I not sure whether that's admirable or not...

SEP051923BOOKS OF DOOM #1 (OF 6) $2.99

S: My opinion of Dr Doom... horribly overrated... the only really great Doom can be found in the pages of TOYFARE and WIZARD! I love that guy...

S: "Doom plays Doom!" hehehe


S: that's an odd title...

B: Seth Fisher art!

B: He is awesomely awesome.

S: Yes, I enjoyed his Wishworld a lot

B: This series should sell more.


S: Is this by that Goon guy too?

B: Yeah, it is a Who's Who book.

SEP051944RUNAWAYS #10 $2.99

S: Ok, here's my big problem with this season's Runaways... Brian took away who were, for me, the most fascinating characters of the last season... the Parents. The Parents were great characters, sure, they were the bad guys, but you felt for them! They really *did* do everything for their kids and they were smart and they conflicted well and they weren't whiney little trolls like their ungrateful children

S: So brian replaces them with Excelsior, which to me shows he knows... he knows he's created a vacuum there... But I'm not quite sure Excelsior fill it

B: I just want the story to end without Cloak or the priest being the bad guy,

B: Would it really kill someone to use a freakin' supervillain?

B: What's so wrong with supervillains?

S: Cloak...? oh right! I forgot he was in the storyline

B: People seem almost embarrassed by using super villains in their comics.

B: "Oh ho one would do all that work just to steal money, so I have to make fun of guys like that and use some post modern bad guy"

B: "The government and big business. They're safe bets."

B: "Oh, and other super heroes...and maybe priests."

S: Look, this isn't about you and your little hang-up with post modernist story telling... This is about me and my loathing for teenage characters!

SEP051955THING #1 $2.99

S: Will this be set in New York? Like, oh I dunno.... 250% of all other comics?

B: There should be more comics set in New Zealand.

S: Well we had Hicksville...

B: There should be a superhero in Hicksville.

B: "Batman! Someone stole some of my sheep!"

B: "I'll be right on it! To the Batmobile!"

S: only it would be Bat-tractor!

S: And an issue of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider which featured our southern most city that resembles Edinburgh... portrayed as a being like San Francisco... i love comic creators who don't do their homework....

B: In the old days, comic writers had to do their homework before they could write comics.

B: Like 13 year olds Cary Bates and Jim Shooter.

B: Yeah, it IS kinda stupid how writers and artists seem to think that, like, EVERY city is as big as New York.

S: I was reading Kurt Busiek's JLA Syndicate story, which was slow to start but I actually quite enjoyed... and during like, one panel, he mentions off-handedly that 2 millions people in New Zealand get killed on Earth-2...

S: 2 million....

B: You have two million people, don't you?

S: Talk about not doing your homework, that's over half the population! That's not a small figure!

B: Okay, phew

B: I was pretty sure you had over 2 million people.

B: I thought it was something like 3 million.

S: I'm just saying...2 million, and life goes on? i don't think so!

S: nearly 4

B: Earth 2 New Zealand has 400,000,000 people in it

B: Duh

S: but earth-2 is a mirror version of us! how can there be substanmitallly less people??

B: Luck.

Rock Star Stony: Ohhh! I must tell you!


S: Day's of Future Now....?

B: Yeah.

B: Just ignore it.

B: Every other writer will be.

SEP052752BETTY & VERONICA #213 $2.25

S: I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and say... You're a Betty-man, right?

B: Tell me why Veronica is better.

S: Veronica is just cooler... She's not easy, thus a challenge, which Archie quite rightfully responds to...Betty is just too plain

B: Betty is attractive while also being nice and fun.

S: yeah, but is she naughty?


S: Donald Duck has friends?

B: Yes, Donald is a popular guy.

S: Actually I lie... Don Rosa did a lovely story about Donald's friends, the other two from Three Caballeros

S: The story was a take on "treasure of Sierra Madre", with Gold Hat
being the villain of the piece

B: Cool.

MAY052603HERO SQUARED #3 (OF 3) $3.99

S: Have you been reading this? I still have #1 sitting in my box

B: It has been okay.

B: Not great.

B: But okay.

S: With DeMatty's contacts with cartoon Network, I say he and Giffs should go ahead and make a pitch for a Blue & Gold animated sitcom!

B: Each episode can end with Beetle being shot in the head!

B: "You killed Beetle! You bastards!"

SEP053052 LOCAL #1 (OF 12) (MR) $2.99

S: I read DMZ, btw...

S: Why can't all POV characters be as fun as Everett K Ross? why do they have to be almost exact representations of the writer telling the story?

B: Matt Roth is not Brian Wood.

B: Not even close.

B: Matt Roth is just a strictly POV character.

S: he's still pretty bland

B: Yes.

B: Because he is not the star.

B: The DMZ is the star.

S: why do I want to read a bland character?

B: Because you are not going to be reading about him.

S: why should I *care* what happens to him?

B: You're going to be meeting new characters each issue.

B: And THEIR characterizations will interest you.

S: You are so in Wood's pocket... what's the going rate these days?

B: He is a good writer. Local is good, by the way.

S: I dunno, I mean, who did we meet in #1... the sexy chick who is, like tough! and yet you know she is a good, kind-hearted girl underneath that tough exterior... Dear me, can there be any more cliches coming up? Perhaps the charismatic, but tough leader of a group of rebels who has to make hard choices for his people to live?

B: Bah.

B: There are 400,000 people in the DMZ.

B: There will be plenty of interesting characters to meet.


S: I liked those old mysteries with Mickey...


S: Haunted Dollhouse... what a wonderful idea!

B: You DO love playing with dolls.

S: My Corpse Bride figures would look handsome in a Haunted Dollhouse

B: Didn't Sandman do Doll's House already?

S: Aye, great story too


S: Well i heard rumours about his endowment... but really, I had no idea...

S: at least it's the SC and not the HC....

B: You are sick.

Okay, folks, that's it! Feel free to chime in with YOUR thoughts about the comics coming out this week, or just riff on what Stony and I talked about!

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Anonymous Eli said...

Stony sure... likes ellipses... huh?

11/16/2005 09:25:00 AM  
Blogger T. said...

I don't get the plum assignments for Hester either. Totally don't get the love for his art, it's a little too thick-lined and angular for me.

The Nightwing fill-ins by Chiang have been great, he should be doing Nightwing regularly.

And good point: why are supervillains only used as a joke these days?

11/16/2005 10:18:00 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

I love Hester's art, and would have sex with it if I weren't susceptible to papercuts.

11/16/2005 10:48:00 AM  
Blogger kelvingreen said...

I quite like Hester's art, but I'm not a fan of Brian Wood's writing. Not sure where that puts me on the spectrum.

And you are missing out on Doctor Who. Can't believe that Scifi turned it down while they're pumping out shite like Alien Siege...

11/16/2005 03:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Eli said...

Doctor Who may be fun, but it's less fun than infuriating the fans by acting like you've never heard of it.

I agree on the desire for more writers to use actual supervillains as supervillains. That fits in well with two recent topics here, actually.

First, All-Star Superman (which I just did my post on) uses Lex Luthor very effectively in an old-school villain style. Second, when Morrison wrote Magneto as an actual villain, some people were furious, which might be part of the problem - once a writer humanizes a villain and gives him an appealing side, which has been done for so many villains now, some readers will just never accept that villain doing anything really large-scale villainous ever again.

11/16/2005 03:49:00 PM  
Blogger T. said...

As a detractor of Planet X, I think the problem most people had wasn't Magneto doing large-scale villainous things again but rather the anticlimactic way he returned. People were pretty pumped about the Xorn reveal and were expecting the Magneto/X-Men throwdown to end all throwdowns, similar to how Morrison went out with a bang on JLA with World War 3 storyline. Instead we got a buffoonish, drug-addicted Magneto. I get Morrison's "message" about the impotence and irrelevance of aging radicals and what not, and even agree with it, but it makes for dull superheroics.

11/16/2005 06:23:00 PM  
Anonymous Iron Lungfish said...

I love Doctor Who, but you're not missing anything with the new series. Russell Davies is a talentless hack.

11/16/2005 10:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Kurt Busiek said...

Aw, heck, I hit New Zealand with "gravitic whirlpools" that basically shredded North Island and then set off tidal waves, and I can't get half of you?

The whole point was that this is an attack that doesn't just bust up a few buildings here and there -- when we saw it in other star systems, it destroyed whole planets. It's not meant to get better overnight.

If I can take out the Ural Mountains, I can halfimate New Zealand. Bah.


11/23/2005 04:26:00 PM  

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