Sunday, September 11, 2005

These Comic Parodies Are Good - Fanboy Productions

I do not know why I never linked to these before, as I really enjoyed them, but here they are now - Sean Whitmore's Fanboy Productions comic parodies.

What Sean does it use action figures to create parodies of recent comic storylines. They are very funny parodies, I think. There are parodies of Avengers Disassembled, Mark Millar's Marvel Knights: Spider-Man and Infinite Crisis/Avengers Disassembled crossover.

First off, skip the Punisher one. I think it was the first one, and it is not all that funny.

The Avengers Disassembled one is first, and it is funny. Hawkeye loses his arrows and exclaims, "No! My usefulness!" There is also a really funny, total geek joke about Iron Man being "undone by his continuity" when he attempts to recreate the silly moment in Disassembled when Iron Man knocks out She-Hulk no problem. A lot of funny cameos later, the parody ends.

The Spider-Man "Shush" storyline takes three strips, and a good deal of it is good material, like Spider-Man consulting a Spider-Man Essentials TPB for information about a villain. It also includes one of my favorite comic jokes, which is when Green Goblin jumps in front of Venom (who is trying to merge with the Scorpion) shouting "No! All plots must belong to me!" A spot on parody of the state of the Spider-Man books, vis a vis Norman Osborn.

Finally, the Infinite Crisis story is probably Whitmore's most adept story, as, with most folks, he gets better the more he writes. There are some great digs at Batman's "detective skills" (which mainly consist of him beating the crap out of people). Also, Hawkeye shows up to use "memory erasing arrows" (which are, of course, sharp arrows shot through people's heads). A lot of good stuff.

Well worth your while, if you like jokes about comic books!

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Blogger Bill Reed said...

Ahh, yes, I remember these. Quite humorous indeed! Bully bully!

9/11/2005 12:19:00 PM  
Blogger T. said...

Those parodies were quite good. Try these parodies as well,

Pretty funny stuff and in the same general vein of humor.

9/11/2005 05:08:00 PM  
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