Sunday, September 11, 2005

Comic Giveway Contests Should Be Good

In an effort to spread the gospel of Paul Grist, our own lovable ragamuffin Tadhg has decided to give away a FREE copy of the Dancing Elephant Press original edition of Jack Staff: Yesterday's Heroes, which collects the first four issues of Paul Grist's awesome comic, Jack Staff.

How are we determining who wins gets the trade? Well, since the purpose of this giveaway is to help people get INTO Jack Staff, it would be pretty silly to have the contest be based ON Jack Staff. Therefore, the contest is as follows:

In 50 words or less, explain why you love Grant Morrison's writing.

E-mail your entries (one per person) to (Brad Curran's e-mail address), and in a week, we will reveal the winning entry and runner-ups.

Entries will be judged on how good they are.

Good luck!

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Blogger Bill Reed said...

Oh, you tempt me, you evil ones.

9/11/2005 07:56:00 PM  

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