Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Holy Blogosphere!

I guess it’s the season or something for dandy introductory posts, because here’s another one. The name’s Bill Reed (yes, I have a very boring name, and I am, apparently, Harvey Jerkwater’s father), and I too have just been recruited into this fine comics commentary cabal er... dealy. And when I say recruited, I mean Our Insidious Dictator Cronin and some of his more muscular henchmen hit me over the head, threw me into the back of a truck, and then tortured me for hours until I agreed to write something for them. And by all that, I mean he asked.

You may know me from my writings over at my own blog, The Lithium Age, which is listed somewhere in that great expanse of links to the right, but you probably don’t, as my audience there is mostly imaginary. It’s much more likely that you’ve seen me in the comments section on this very site. Now I’ve been updated to a full-blown staff position. If you are anything like me, you might be currently chuckling at the previous sentence, as it sounds kinda dirty when you think about it. Anyhow, it’s an honor to be here (they really needed another Grant Morrison fanboy). Plus, it’s all part of my nefarious plan to conquer the comic blogosphere. Mwahahaha!

Speaking of the comics blogosphere... it’s pretty damn huge. Just last night, for fun, I was perusing said blogosphere, and I was lost for hours. There’s an awful lot of sites out there where lots of smart people hang out and talk about the face and fate of the comics industry. I, for one, am glad to see it, as it shows that people care. And for that, I give them all hearty pats on the back for fighting the good fight (okay, some of them might be Johns fans, which means they’re not quite human like the rest of us. But I forgive them anyway.

So I’m here to talk comics, and, hopefully, good comics, but that’s not necessarily going to happen all the time. Every once in a while, a bad comic just needs to be decapitated, disemboweled, and put on a pike outside the city walls as a warning to all the other bad comics. After all, I’ve got a reputation as an elitist bastard to uphold.

By now, everyone that would normally be reading this site is having the time of their lives in San Diego, unless they are a poor student trapped on the East Coast, like I am. Welcome, students. It’s good to be here. And remember... comics should be good.!!

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Blogger Joe Rice said...

Oh, Bill.

I tried to warn you.

7/14/2005 12:29:00 AM  
Blogger Bill Reed said...

Sorry, Joe. But you know how tough those fascists can be.

And they bribed me. With beautiful women. Who, it turns out, were just mannequins. But I didn't have my glasses on, you see, and in the squinty darkness they sort of looked real.

Or maybe I'm your agent on the inside. I mean... I'm... definitely not... no, sir...

7/14/2005 01:10:00 AM  
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