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The (Project) Superior Trading Spaces Game!

New game!

A lot of times, people will say "Hey, what indy creator would you like to see on Superhero Book X?"

And that is interesting to talk about, but really, there are way too many independent creators out there, I think.

So I came up with a fun limit on the question - using only creators who did stories in Project Superior (which was, in case you do not know, an anthology of indy creators doing superhero stories...I did a bit on it here), give me the creative teams you would like to see on the following fifteen comic book titles:



Justice League of America


Uncanny X-Men


Teen Titans

Green Lantern


Captain America


Wonder Woman

Fantastic Four


Iron Man

For the record, here are the contributors:
Martin Cendreda
Brian Wood
Jeremy Tankard
Bryan Lee O'Malley
Mike Dawson
Jeffrey Brown
J. Chris Campbell
Joel Priddy
Jay Ryan and Joe Meno
John Cassaday
Farel Dalrymple
Ronnie del Carmen
Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca
Dean Haspiel
Jason Lex
John Lucas
Paul Pope
Nick Abadzis
Nathan Jurevicius
Tim Biskup
Seonna Hong
Zack Soto
Graham Annable
R. Kikuo Johnson
Fermin Solis
Tony Consiglio
James Jean
Scott Morse
Rob Ullman
Doug Fraser
Scott Campbell
Paul Rivoche
Chris Pitzer
Tara McPherson
Jim Mahfood
John Kerschbaum
Daniel Krall
Jamie Tanner
Megan Whitmarsh
Victor Cayro
Joshua W. Cotter

My picks are as follows:

Superman - I will go with Cassaday here, as I think he would suitably meet the grandness of the character.

Batman - This is sorta cheating, as he is already working on a series featuring Batman now, but come on, Paul Pope and Batman go together like H2 and O!

Justice League of America - Speaking of grandness, for a handle of the greatest superheroes in the world, I would definitely let James Jean just go nuts.

Spider-Man - Wouldn't Bryan Lee O'Malley work just perfectly on Spider-Man? I mean, this is RIGHT up his alley!

Uncanny X-Men - Ronnie Del Carmen's work shows that he is well suited to the bittersweet, which pretty much describes the X-Men to the tee, doesn't it? Hated by a world they are sworn to protect? Sounds pretty bittersweet to me.

Avengers - Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca seem like they would be more interested in younger heroes, but I think their style is strong enough that they would be well suited to take on Earth's Mightiest Heroes for an interesting, yet very different, take.

Teen Titans - I think that Jay Ryan and Joe Reno can give us a Teen Titans title that would be well made AND attractive to viewers of the cartoon. A double treat!

Green Lantern - Imagine Scott Morse just being told "draw whatever you want"...that is basically what would happen if you had him on a Green Lantern title.

I would look forward to that title!

Flash - Wally West, the salt of the Earth superhero, would be well-suited to Nick Abadzis' style. Abadzis has a very down to earth approach. I think it would work well with the Flash.

Captain America - I would be very interested in seeing Brian Wood's take on Captain America.

Thor - I would love to just see Dean Haspiel go nuts drawing the worlds of Asgard.

Wonder Woman - I would like to see where R. Kikuo Johnson could take this character (and, okay, I admit it, Tara McPherson was my first pick, but then I felt sexist for picking a woman to handle Wonder Woman's title, so I changed it to Johnson...hehe).

Fantastic Four - Jim Mahfood has already shown us that he is ALL over this!

Hulk - Joshua Cotter is well versed in depressing, and the Hulk (in the right hands) can be a very depressing concept. I think Cotter can really twist the screw on Bruce Banner's life. And his art can obviously handle the Hulk.

Iron Man - Paul Rivoche's style lends itself very well to the technology of Iron Man.

How about the rest of you?

Who would you pick?

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Blogger Eliot Johnson said...

Yay! Fun!

Superman - it'd take a lot to get me to read a superman book, but i think J. Chris Campbell could do it. Almost every take on Superman has bored me, so a totally off-the-wall rendition like one from Campbell would be nice. And his work is fun and that's what Superman should be.

Batman - yeah. Paul Pope. No doubt. Jim Mahfood intrigues me, but Pope is perfect.

Justice League of America - Joel Priddy...a weird choice i know, but he has some incredible ideas in his head and he has the team dynamic down (see "Pulpatoon Pilgrimmage").

Teen Titans - This is where I'd let Jim Mahfood use his very fresh voice. Revive a book that could be so much more than it is. Mahfood's got a 'young' style.

Greem Lantern - I can't tell you how perfect a choice Scott Morse is. I don't think any combination of hero and creator could make me happier.

Flash - Jim Rugg & Brian Maruca just seem perfect to me. They could have some fun with superspeed i think. and i'd rather have them on a book with a definite main character.

Wonder Woman - If you want cheesecake, go with Ullman, but I think Daniel Krall has some stories to tell and here would be a good place.

Those are the only books from the list i've ever read at all. i'm quite the "DC baby." I have to say that Cotter's take on Spider-man interests me, though.

And let me just say...

Impulse by Bryan Lee O'Malley would be beyond incredible. He could not only re-capture the magic from the amazing Waid/Ramos issues, but go beyond that even.

James Jean would draw the covers for everyone one of these books.

6/21/2005 01:32:00 AM  
Blogger Brian Cronin said...

Ha - I love your use of James Jean, Eliot! just reminded me of how much FUN Waid's Impulse was...

6/21/2005 02:32:00 AM  
Blogger S. Lewis Silverwood said...

I get where you're going with this and it looks like fun (reminds me of the old Marvel game of "which actors would you choose to play the FF" before such things were commonplace) BUT...

Why not just read original creator-owned independent comics?

And yes, I do know I'm a killjoy.

6/21/2005 07:38:00 AM  
Blogger pitzerboy said...


Eliot had some good answers, too.

I'll just chime into say:

I might put Doug Fraser on the Flash. When you see the up coming Mort Grim, combined with his Pugilist from Superior, I think that's a good match.

And, if Joel did the JLA, I'd throw Zack Soto on X-men.. naw.. make that Avengers!

And Rob Ullman has already done a Hulk story. Snuffsaid!

Man... so many idears!

6/21/2005 11:17:00 AM  
Blogger Dean Trippe said...

Just found this! WICKED!

Personally, I'd swap Mahfood on Titans for O'Malley. :)

7/13/2005 05:01:00 PM  

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