Friday, March 10, 2006

Nine Things ONE: Index

So what's all this then?

Glad you asked. This is the "Nine Things" Index.

Most of the time I'm gonna edit this onto finished posts as soon as the next article goes up, but I'm posting it here, now, so you all know it exists.

It does three things: (A) Explain, at least briefly, some of the off-hand references I use to comic personalities, for comics newbies.

(B) Sum up both my own opinions on the works and summarize and respond to reader comments,

(C) Point out any errors or mistakes I made in the first version of the collumn.

Note that this here version is for the FIRST nine things, which is off the front page but linked here.

Aqualad: (Comic Character) Still cooler than Robin.

Atlas # 1: (Comic Book) Published SIX YEARS Earlier than Atlas # 1.

Atlas # 2: (Comic Book) Recommended! Meh-ly. Cause of Six year gap.

Atlas # 3: (Comic Book) Everbody says this'll take LESS than six years. Hooray for government funding of the arts!

The Awakening: (Graphic Novel) Bleh.

Batgirl: Really, I LIKE Batgirl. I like ALL the Batgirl's, especially the current ninja one. I'd just like to see the guy who does Hicksville do stuff a little less superhero-y.

Batman: Hush Returns(Graphic Novel) Could be Much, much, MUCH worse.

A. J. Lieberman: (Comic Writer) Can actually write. I NEVER would've expected this.

Brian Michael Bendis: (Comic Writer) Writes every Marvel comic. Writes most of them well. Writes all of them sloooow.

Nick Cardy: (Comic Artist) Master of the sketchy, but still eerily realistic style. Should possibly be nominated as second in command of the universe, or at least pope. Worked for DC in the sixties and seventies: Best known for Aquaman and the Teen Titans.

Chynna Clugston: (Comic Artist) Drew the flashback sequences in Hopeless Savages, and Wrote and Drew Blue Monday: Absolute Beginners # 3, One of Nine Day's Favorite Comics Ever.

Emil Kopen: (Character) Fictional, Apparently. I'd forgot.

Tom Foss: (Comic Artist.) Dead, but still awesome. Did work for Charlton and Marvel Magazines in the Seventies.

Gene Colan: (Comic Artist, Maste of the Universe.) No argument there. Drew Daredevil for Marvel in the sixties and seventies Pre Tomb of Dracula, and worked at DC on Wonder Woman and Batman Post Tomb of Dracula.

Luca Genovese: (Comic Artist) Has nothing to be ashamed of, even though he drew The Awakening. Some very nice work here.

Green Arrow:
(Comic Character in Hush Returns) I'm a MAGIC PIXIE from FAIRYLAND.

Hopeless Savages:
(Graphic Novels) Good Characterization, Good Continuity, Good Art, Even Good Plant. Good Comicx.

Geoff Johns:
(Comic Writer) Writes Every DC Comic. Has really got a LOT better lately, especially dialouge-wise, so mebbe I should leave him alone. Still kind of the avatar of everything I hate in modern comics, though.

Hicksville: (Graphic Novel)
Insanely Brilliant.

Wayne Howard:
(Comic Artist) Wally Wood protoge and imitator. Sadly, now retired, cause comics could damn sure use him back.

JSA Classefied:
(Comic Issues written by Jen Van Meter) HIGHLY recommended by Nine Things' Blog-Friends. We'll find 'em on our next trip to the comic shop.

The King:
(Graphic Novel) A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action.

Midnight Tales # 10: (Comic Book)
Not very-scary Horror Comic, with great art. And, well, maybe I was a little harsh on the ending. This sculptor guy says to the hot girl "Now, that you've drunk my potion, you will live FOREVER, preserved in stone... ahahahahah... " *Petrifies.* And the girl says "No I won't. I wanted the YELLOW glass, so I switched 'em." Well, it made nine things laugh...

ded Monkeys, Comparisons to Comic Artists and Writers: Cheap, but Not My Fault. YOU try reading Death and Return of Donna Troy and not thing about retarded monkeys.

Skank Zero Hopeless Savage: ("French" girl in Hopeless Savages Panel) Yes, American, pretending to be French. At the very end she says "Well, that's how it happened. It's all true, except my French wasn't that good in real life." (Which I thought was pretty funny.)

Joe Staton: Drawer of cool monsters. Possibly not dead? Worked for Charlon and DC, currently draws Scooby Doo.

Teen Titans 25-29, 1st series (Comic Book.) Supposedly the worst that the Teen Titans series has ever been, even COUNTING the nineties. Very dire indeed.

Tomine, Adrian, Clowes, Dan, Eisner, Will: (Comic Artists) Three Really Good Comic Doers, With Will Eisner Probably Being the Best Ever. Nine Things Will Talk More About Them Later. Best known for Optic Nerve, Ghost World, and Contract with God AND the Spirit, respectivelly.

Wally Wood: (Comic Artist) Worked on the first issue of Mad, back when it was still a comic book, after establishing himself as probably the greatest Science Fiction Comic Artist, ever. Created one of the very first non-corporate comics, ended up killing himself. Nine Things is very disturbed by all of this, and tries not to think about it too much.

What IS a Nine Things Index?


Blogger Chris Griswold said...

Boring and egocentric.

3/14/2006 04:15:00 PM  
Blogger Brian Cronin said...

AJ Lieberman's Gotham Knights run could have been Avengers Unplugged.

So I guess it COULD have been worse if it was Avengers Unplugged.

3/15/2006 03:35:00 AM  
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