Wednesday, February 01, 2006

This Comic Is Good - Fury: Peacemaker #1

I have long said (and this is not some brilliant observation, as it is plain to see) that Garth Ennis seems to try a lot harder with comics about war, as it seems to be something he takes seriously. Well, this was evident in Fury: Peacemaker, a book where Ennis makes good storytelling seem almost effortless. Darick Robertson provides very nice art to make this comic like a big glass of coolness.

The gist of the comic is that this is the time where Nick Fury becomes the man we all know from World War II. He enters this comic as a normal enough sergeant, and leaves as the genesis of NICK FURY.

How this is achieved is through a very clever, but basic, structure. Fury and his men are trapped at the Kasserine Pass, and as things go horribly wrong, we are treated to a series of flashbacks. The flashbacks are to the various preparations made for this very situation, and then we cut to see how these preparations pan out when in real life war situations. Well, things are a lot different in a combat zone, as you would expect. As I mentioned, it is an extremely simple structure, but impressively effective.

Darick Robertson does a good job depicting the mayhem, and I really like his design of slightly younger Fury, as a man who is still extremely tough, he just has yet to have an arena to EXERCISE this toughness, and there is a scene at the end with Fury and a German where we see Fury first realize that this War can BE that arena for men like Fury.

Ennis really does an effective job here, because he SETS UP the series while still filling it with plenty of awesome moments.

Very nicely done. I look forward to where he goes with this plot.

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