Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Comic Stores Should Be Good - Rocketship

I totally missed the opening of this great new comic store in Brooklyn (I have a very valid excuse, as I was not IN New York at the time), but for all of you New York readers out there (or folks who might be visiting New York at one point or another), make sure to check out Rocketship.

You may recall Alex from this very blog, and if you recall Alex, you have to realize how much of a good thing this comic shop is.

A comic book store by someone who loves comics and who founded the comic shop under the basis of the following manisfesto:
1. Comics can be Art and Literature of the Highest Caliber.

2. Cartoon Art should be exhibited, admired, and generally have a wider availability for appreciative fans.

3. Comic Fans deserve more stores that are clean, well stocked, and well organized.

4. Everybody Loves Comics, even if they don't know it yet.
What other word describes that but "Good"?

As for directions, the store is located at 208 Smith Street (between Butler and Baltic) in the fine borough of Brooklyn, New York.

You can get there by taking the subway (the F Train) to Bergen street.

The phone number for the store is 718-797-1348.

If you want to buy good comics, you might as well start at a good comic STORE.

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