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This Trade Would Be Good - Flash: Can't Hurry Love

Occasionally, I recommend a group of comics that have never been collected before that I think would make a good trade paperback collection.

I use a page limit of 285 (which is about right for a $20 trade).

I generally will try to avoid stuff like "Ostrander's Suicide Squad Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3" or "collect all of ____'s run on _____," as that is also fairly predictable (the latter I can get to by simply saying "Hey, buy ____'s run on _____").

Today's trade paperback collection idea is based upon two things:

1. The fact that Geoff Johns appears to be ending his run with Linda West's babies coming back to life


2. Me mentioning Waid's Flash the other day.

Both events reminded me of how notable the relationship between Wally West and Linda Park was, and how it was such a huge part of Waid's Flash run. HowEVER, what I always liked best was the courtship of Wally and Linda, which mostly took place A. Before Waid took over the title and B. In issues that are not currently collected.

So that is what I would like to see (I call it "Flash: Can't Hurry Love," but I am sure a cooler-sounding title can be thought up), a trade collecting the history of Wally West and Linda Park's relationship.

Chapter 1 - I would include 5-6 pages from Flash #28, Linda's first appearance, just to show how she first interacted with Wally.

Chapter 2 - Flash #36-39, which was about Linda going undercover to bust a cult that Wally was involved in. The real building blocks of Linda and Wally's relationship.

Chapter 3 - A page with a few comic excerpts explaining away the ending of #39 (where Linda became "possessed" by a spirit that turned out to be the K%llg%re).

Chapter 4 - Flash #61, which was a nice issue spotlighting Wally's lovelife problems, where he decides to pursue Linda again.

Chapter 5 - Excerpts of Flash #71 and 72, detailing where Wally finally makes a real committment to Linda.

Chapter 6 - Ten pages of excerpts of Wally and Linda moments over the next 70 issues.

Chapter 7 - Flash #139-141, which was Mark Millar's story of the proposal of Wally to Linda.

Chapter 8 - Flash #142, which was the wedding, where Linda disappears.

Chapter 9 - A page detailing what happens during Linda's disappearance.

Chapter 10 - Excerpt of Flash #159, which features Wally and Linda's REAL marriage.

Chapter 11 - Flash #160, the honeymoon.

Chapter 12 - A page detailing what has happened from then until now.

That would be a good trade.

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Anonymous John DiBello said...

Great idea. I'd buy it. Trouble is, you'd have all the fanboys complaining that it doesn't reprint COMPLETE issues.

So, you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't: you either reprint entire issues, many of which only marginally have something to do with the storyline, or you ignore entire plotline elements by leaving out those issues, leaving the casual FLASH reader (I'm one) to say "huh?"

It's one of the problems endemic in serialized comic fiction: unless you print and entire sequential run, you're not gonna make anyone happy.

8/09/2005 09:25:00 AM  
Blogger Brian Cronin said...

Would it matter at all if I had specified (as I meant to) that the 8-10 pages of catchup was done "Marvel Saga" style?

In addition, wasn't the recent "Prelude to Infinite Crisis" done in this style, excerpts from comics?

8/09/2005 04:37:00 PM  

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