Monday, May 02, 2005

Three 4/27 Comics That I Read So That You Did Not Have To

Same as always...I tell you about three comics that I did not hear a lot about this week, and then I ask you all to fill me in on comics that I did not read this week.

Spoilers ahead!!

Richard Dragon #12 - This was actually a fun issue.


Well, because Dixon had to wrap up the entire storyline in this one issue, there was a LOT of story going on here along with a lot of action, and it was most appreciated.

I like Scott McDaniel's art, so I enjoyed all the fight scenes he had in the comic. I also like Richard Dragon's clever way out of fighting Conner Hawke to the death.

However, the ending was inSANEly rushed. And while that has more to do with the fact that the book was ending with this issue, it does not make for a good story resolution.

All in all, I do not think that I can say "read this book," especially if you do not think that Neron from Underworld Unleashed and martial arts make a good pairing.

Not recommended!

The Pact #1


I mean.


What the hell was going on in this book?!?!

In the back of it, it describes a process where each writer who gave one of their characters to be used had full input (as they would be later writing an issue themselves) as to the characterization of their character.

With that said, why do at least HALF the cast seem nothing like they are in their own title?!?

Zephyr is the worst, though. I really was waiting to see the part where it said "this is an alternate universe," as the character named Zephyr in this comic did not have anything in common with the Zephyr who appears in Noble Causes except, well, the same name and general (and only GENERAL) appearance.

And Valentino apparantly had Faerber's input into this thing?

While Invincible was off, he was at least generally in the same vincinity of how Kirkman writes Invincible. Same with Firebreather.

Valentino writes in the end about how he wants the book to be different, but he says this after writing one of the most generic superhero stories I can remember reading recently.

His art was pretty good, though (it's been better, as this style is kinda odd, but he is a talented artist, so any style he tries is generally good).

But overall, sooo not recommended!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch #66

This was the first issue since Tania Del Rio took over as artist/writer that I really did not like. The manga-style art was still quite nice, but the story fell incredibly flat for me.

One of the best things about this book is the textured characterizations. This issue had NONE of those layers.

Characters were not just one-note, they were one-note off tune, as people's behaviors at time just plain ol' made NO sense!

Harvey's treatment of Sabrina was just ludicrous.

Also, the main plot of the Salem toy may have been cute if it had been told a little less haphazardly.

All in all, I think this was the first issue of her run that I would not recommend.

On to the books I did not read that I would like you all to fill me in on:

The Escapist #6

Wild Girl #6

86 Voltz Dead Girl One Shot

Blade of Kumori #6

Breakdown #6

Karney #1 (this one, in particular)


Anonymous The Eyeball Kid said...

Wild Girl #6 - This miniseries comes to a close with a vague, meandering mess. The art by J.H. Williams III is pretty, but that only fills four pages, and the rest of the art is ugly and forgettable. Although the first issue raised some interesting questions, the series has managed to avoid answering any of them, so we are left with what amounts to a one-issue origin story stretched out into a six-issue miniseries.

5/02/2005 06:16:00 PM  
Blogger MarkAndrew said...

Loved the concept of Wild Girl. I'm a sucker for talkin' animals. But the first two issues were a big buncha boring, an' I dropped it. (Like it's hot.) I might pick up the last ish though, cause HOLY GOD do I ever love me some J.H. Williams. Uh-huh.

5/03/2005 05:31:00 PM  
Blogger Dan Apodaca said...

I admire Brian Cronin for reading Sabrina the Teenage Witch, so nobody else will ever, ever, ever have to.

5/03/2005 07:40:00 PM  
Anonymous The Eyeball Kid said...

Actually, every issue of "Wild Girl" had a few pages of J.H. Williams art, he drew all of the animal story sequences. Didn't help the comic much, though.

5/04/2005 12:28:00 AM  
Anonymous Nevin said...

I basically agree with The Eyeball Kid's summary of Wild Girl, but I'd like to stress that not only is it a 1-issue origin story stretched out to 6 issues, but that it's a BAD 1-issue origin story! This issue is slightly better than the last one, because at least she came up with a sensible plan for winning the battle. (In #5, she started fighting back against an alligator AFTER it bit down on her foot. Underwater, even. And she somehow survived without a scratch.)

I'm sorry that my responses to "I read the comics so you don't have to" are always about comics that I hated. I do like some comics, really. The best I can do this time is to point out that Kumori #5 (I don't think #6 is out yet) is OK. There's nothing special about it, unless you really love Ron Marz or modern Samurai stories, but it's also not bad. I won't recommend it, but it is the only title from DD's Aftermath line that could be enjoyed.

5/04/2005 07:06:00 PM  
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