Tuesday, December 21, 2004

DC All-Stars: What do you think?

Apparantly, according to someone's report based on a reading of this week's issue of Wizard, DC has their answer to Marvel's Ulimate line...and it is going to be called "DC All-Stars."

It's horribly unethical to just retype someone else's article, so I won't do that here. Luckily, someone else already made the unethical move, so here it is forums.comicbookresources.com/showthread.php?t=34336

So what is your reaction?

I think it sounds rather silly.

Why not just let Morrison and Quitely do the regular title?

Ah well...at least this means we'll have Morrison on Superman, which will be awesome.


Blogger Brian Cronin said...

My first cynical thought, other than "so the other DC books AREN'T All-Stars?" is that the decision to place this outside the normal continuity is a sign that Morrison's view of the DCU is probably a good deal different than the view of the three-headed beast known to me as Johuckick (known as Johns/Rucka/Winick to others), and this half-assed approach is an attempt to please them both.

12/21/2004 06:29:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My only thought was how are the pro-DC/anti-Marvel crowd, who seem to love the Didio's "tonal shift" found in Identity Crisis, going to continue to complain about Marvel's "Ultimate" line with a straight face. Then again, I have thought for a while that the best version of the DC Icons had been found in Superman Adventures and the various flavors of the Batman and Justice League Adventures.

Oh well.


12/21/2004 10:29:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no idea if I'm in any way on the right track, here, but there are two ideas that spring to mind.

1. Would Morrison's vision of Superman fit into the post-IDENTITY CRISIS DCU? Even without hearing the first detail, I really don't think it would.

2. It's easier to manage one "event" than two or three. If you put Morrison and Quitely on Superman, that's an event. If you put Lee and [undisclosed] on Batman, that's an event. Why not promote the two together, get new #1s out of it, and set up some brand identity so you can add on other titles in the future without having to start from scratch?

Speculation aside, they could call it CAPTAIN SUPERMAN'S HAPPY FUN-TIME HOUR for all I care. It's Morrison and Quitely on Superman. Who gives a rat's ass about the details?

-Dave (Expletive Deleted)

12/21/2004 10:30:00 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

Well, from a branding stand-point, "All-Stars" is kind of lame. Compared with "Ultimate So-And-So," it sounds like DC's trapped in the past. But that's nothing new, now, is it?

Yes, I'm excited about Morrison/Quitely on Superman. Deathly excited.

But it really does come off sounding like a dumb move to do it this way.

"We're putting the BEST stories by the BEST creators in these titles! What's that? The other titles? They'll be good, I guess, but they won't be the best! Not like ALL-STARS!"

It makes me sad, honestly.

12/21/2004 12:15:00 PM  
Blogger David Welsh said...

I'm of two minds on this. I think Grant Morrison, completely unfettered by any continuity, is a wonderful prospect. (Even fettered by continuity, he's spectacular.) I'm very curious to see what building blocks he'd put in place for a "new" DC Universe.

But, to quote Rocky, "That trick never works." The Ultimate line didn't bust Marvel out of the direct market ghetto, and I'm guessing this won't do it for DC. It will make existing patrons of the direct market very, very happy, but it won't open the wallets of indifferent consumers.

It goes to the question of whether people are avoiding super-heroes because they're inaccessible to new or casual readers. I honestly don't think that's the problem. I just think there's a fairly finite audience for super-hero stories in the comic book form, and no amount of branding or ground-zero stunts are going to make any difference. You like Superman comics or you don't, and if you like them, you'll find them. If you don't, no stunt DC pulls is going to convince you otherwise.

12/21/2004 12:17:00 PM  
Blogger Joe Rice said...

Marketing-wise, I'm not sure it's THAT stupid, really. Even though there's a Tide Ultra, people still buy Tide.

If it allows creators to say "Fuck Didio" then by all means, have some All-Star comics.

But we all know that I'd take a Morrison/Quitely Superman even if it was "Constant Papercuts Comics."

12/21/2004 08:12:00 PM  

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