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Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #15 Review

When looking at the credits of this week's Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man, I was struck by something - both writer Zeb Wells and artist Patrick Scherberger owe their careers to winning contests!! Wells broke in due to his winning two of Wizard's "Direct to Video" contests (Wells' lampooning of Marvel characters got the attention of - where else? - Marvel Comics!), and Scherberger was the first winner of Comic Book Idol (I personally voted for him every week!). That doesn't have anything to do with the comic, but I just think it's neat!

Speaking of neat (as I just was! Pay attention!), that is a fine term to describe this issue of Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man.

The concept of the issue is simple, but great. To show that it was the arms who were responsible for his crimes, not him, Dr. Octopus uses his mental link to his arms to have them commit crimes without him. The plan goes well, except that during a fight with Spider-Man, the arms receive an electrical shock. When the arms recover, they suddenly think that SPIDER-MAN is their master!!

While that, in and of itself, is a fun concept, it really works beautifully in the hands of Wells, who is a very good comedy writer. He knows exactly which notes to hit. Like Spider-Man putting the arms into a dog house, or the arms getting jealous at the attention Peter is paying his homework, so it actually eats his homework!!

Scherberger does a good job on the art, I think. I can see how his very cartoonish, over the top style might not be everyone's cuppa, but I enjoy it. I especially like how, while he is cartoony, he always clearly puts effort into each panel. Especially his backgrounds! He has excellent backgrounds.

Really nifty Amanda Conner cover, too!

So, for a fun, off-beat, humorous and, most importantly, ENDEARING comic book, check out Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #15. Recommended, without reservation!

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Blogger Bill Reed said...

Wow, a Marvel Adventures book actually sounding fun? I never would've expected it.

(And as far as Comic Book Idol goes, I was voting for Martin Redmond. But then, I had been planning on approaching the guy to draw a comic when he suddenly appeared on CBR a few months later. Lucky gits.)

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