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Snark Free "Name That Iron Man Artist!" Game!!

As you folks probably know by now, when I fall behind on Snark Free Waters, I often catch up by having one big explosion of posts at once. This time, the catchup is a neat game called "Name That Iron Man Artist!" Between Steve Ditko (who did some Tales of Suspense issues following Kirby, the original artist on Iron Man) and the first post-David Michelinie issue (of his first run) (Iron Man #158, drawn by Paul Smith), there have been twenty pencillers on Iron Man, most of whom just did an issue or two. I put them in random order, then posted one panel featuring Iron Man from each artist. The goal of the game? Name the artist who drew each Iron Man panel!! The links to the panels follow...

Day One!

Day Two!

Day Three!

Day Four!

Day Five!

Day Six!

Day Seven!

Day Eight!

Day Nine!

Day Ten!

Day Eleven!

Day Twelve!

Day Thirteen!

Day Fourteen!

Day Fifteen!

Day Sixteen!

Day Seventeen!

Day Eighteen!

Final Day (Two Artists This Day!

Take a look, and guess away!

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Blogger Tim Callahan said...

I made a bunch of guesses, but I really have no clue on most of them. I thought I was geeky enough to handle the challenge. I failed.

4/09/2006 10:09:00 PM  
Blogger --Greg Hatcher said...

1. I'm going to say George Tuska, because it's an odd pose, and also it's from the 'nose' years, where the facemask was redesigned to incorporate a nose-shape.

2. Man, I got nothin'. Can't really tell from the drawing. The lettering style and the late-60's/early '70's rhetoric tell me that it's earlier than the Tuska in #1, but beyond that... all I know for sure is that it's probably not Gene Colan.

3. For some reason it looks like early-80's Mike Zeck to me. Did he ever work on Iron Man?

4. Ha, we have the nose on the mask again, which makes it a mid-70's panel; awkward pose which makes me think it's a newer guy and not an A-lister. I'm handicapped by not really KNOWING who worked on Iron Man other than Heck and Colan. But this looks like Rich Buckler to me -- probably the Kirbyesque shading coupled with the completely NOT-Kirby pose.

5. Looks like Layton on the inks for sure, and I'm going to say JR jr. pencilling.

6. Man, that one's just WEIRD-looking. Maybe Mike Ploog?

7. 80's for sure. Beyond that, no guess.

8. Either Don Heck or Steve Ditko, and I'm thinking Ditko because of the tentacles.

9. This one has that 70's look again; I'm thinking probably Sal Buscema.

10. If that's not Gil Kane then it's somebody swiping him.

11. Looks like Colan -- he always had that weird slant to the eye and mouth slits. But I picked a later one as Colan so this must be... hm... Don Heck maybe?

12. Hmp. I got nothing except 80's, but someobdy said Guice and that looks right to me. I'll steal that answer.

13. ...80's again, but that's not much help. The 80's guys always had that sheen on the armor, Layton especially really nailed it. But I already picked one as the example of the JR/Layton run. So this must be different, but I don't know which one it is.

14. Didn't Carmine Infantino do a fill-in during the Michelinie run, with some kind of commercial jetliner scene? I think this is Layton or Janson over Infantino.

15. Okay, THIS is Colan. Not just the eye-slit thing but also the weird panel construction and anatomy.

16. No idea. Just blank.

17. Blank here too, except it's probably one of the most recent, if not THE most recent, example on the list.

18. Hm. This looks a little like Infantino too.

19 and 20 -- 80's again. One of them is probably JR/Layton and I was wrong earlier but there you go.

I probably missed them all but considering I never bouyght Iron Man regularly I think it was a pretty fair shot.

4/09/2006 10:58:00 PM  

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