Friday, November 11, 2005

Chats Should Be Good - Tom Beland - Third Time's The Charm

If any of you have checked out Tom Beland's True Story, Swear To God, then you know that he is a master at getting laughs out of the mundane things that happen in life, hence, well, the title. These ARE true stories, and yet, in his delivery, Beland manages to make them as interesting as any fictional situation. In addition, he is never afraid to give us unvarnished truth, as well, which is appreciated, as the subject matter is not always roses and rainbows for him.

So if you HAVE checked the book out, and noticed these things, you should come by and chat with Tom Beland this Sunday at Comic Book Resources. Click here for details.

The first two times around did not work out so well, but Tom believes that all the kinks are worked out, so Tom will be there at that time, ready to chat! Huzzah!

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