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Hey, I Get To Be the First One to Talk About the Eisners Here!

Here's the master list of nominees. Here's my poorly informed, half awake response:

Seven Soldiers is one of the few things on this list I've read, and I love it to death, but it always strikes me as weird to see an unfinished mini nominated in that category. Likewise, as much as I liked All Star Superman #1, it's kind of weird to see it nominated as best new series solely on the basis of 1 (or two issues, if #2 made it in for consideration) issue.

Is best reality based comic category new? I don't remember seeing it before. Also, will anyone complain that it's unfairly discriminating against "mainstream" creators like I seem to remember Augie doing over the best writer/artist category years ago but I can't be bothered to find or link to? I do think they ought to have a "Best Fantasy Based" category, for balanced. Or maybe "Best You Pulled This Whole Story Out of Your Ass Just To Pay the Rent, Didn't You, You Hack?" award. Just to see if they could fit that whole category on a plaque.

I didn't even think Teenage Sidekick was the best story in Paul Pope's issue of Solo. I liked everything else in the issue better, really. Especially that mood piece about a neighberhood in New York. Not saying it was bad, mind you, but it was really just Pope ruminating about the nature of the characters via narration for a few pages while a fight scene went on.

I loved Black Hole, but it seems to be up against stiff competition. It, the Contract With God Trilogy, and Absolute Watchmen are the only nominated GNs I own at the moment.

Do any of the other comic strip collections have a chance of beating the Complete Calvin and Hobbes for the best archival award? The comic book category strikes me as more wide open. You could make a case for any of those to win, really. Not that the comics strips aren't surely great, but shit, Complete Calvin and Hobbes is the Complete Calvin and Hobbes.

I'd like Steve Hamaker a lot better if his name was Steve Haymaker. That's a much better name.

Ladronn is nominated for Hip Flask. The one issue of that I read was visually stunning. I had no idea what the fuck was happening in it at all.

I hope that, at some point, there's a "Best Brilliant/Insane Hermit" award that Dave Sim, Alan Moore, Steve Ditko, and Bill Watterson can fight over.

It's not fair to Guy Delisle or anyone else, but every time I read the title of Pyongyang I think of Pootie Tang. Which, come on, would be a great fucking comic. Even if it was a terrible fucking movie. I think it works out like that in equivalency.

I didn't even like Astonishing X-Men on a nostalgia level for that second arc, so I really have to wonder how many Joss Whedon fanboys are on the selction comittee. I mean, I'm one myself, but even I can't imagine how it got nominated this year unless people who call themselves Browncoats were stuffing the ballot box. You know, the Whedon fans who make me feel better about myself. Good on you guys for helping to get Serenity made, but your passion scares me.

Scott Pilgrim was robbed, in that it should have been nominated in every category. Especially the ones it makes the least sense in. It should have been nominated twice in best reality based comic. Nice to see O'Malley get a nomination for Best Humor Artist, at least, althought that in itself strikes me as an odd category.

Wildstorm and Vertigo comics split the serialization nomination at two a piece. Has that happened before? That's weird to me for some reason. It's a shame that the complete Seven Soldiers project will probably not be nominated for this category, because it's the most ambitious serialization I've seen in mainstream comics in quite awhile, and it's been pretty damn good, too. And that fulfills my quota of Morrison ass kissing for the week. Seriously, Cronin makes us meet quotas. He keeps spread sheets about it and shit.

It looks like no one involved in the Eisners liked any of the Infinite Crisis stuff, either. I guess there's always the Wizard Awards!

Has Harvey Pekar ever been nominated for an Eisner for Best Writer? Or any non-"mainstream" comics writer? He's the only one that pops to mind, but I'm sure there are others. Right? I wouldn't count Gaiman in that category, either. I'm talking indie/small press stuff, not esoteric DC. Otherwise Moore would be the answer to my question.

If I was on the Hall of Fame commitee, I'd just vote for Jim Steranko four times. Even if I couldn't do that.

I wish there was a "Best Talent Not Deserving of Recognition At All" award. "You're an amazing artist, but no one should ever read you work."

Alex Saviuk, the guy who used to draw Web of Spider-Man, worked on an Eisner nominated GN?

That best penciller/inker award... a big criteria for that was finding the group of people who would most make John Byrne's blood boil when combined together, right? Did they just go to the Byrne Board, type in "Prima Donna" on a search, and pick the first five artists that came up? For some reason, I would really like to think they did, even I advocate ignoring the man and his fans in hopes that they will go away.

Scott Allie told me to leave his chat when I said this, but I still think Dark Horse should publish a Book of Minotaurs. Who wouldn't buy a Mike Mignola drawn story featuring Minotaurs? No one worthy of existing, that's who. I mean, sure, I belittled your work, Mr. Allie, but that is one great idea. You damn well know it.

Too bad Solo was cancelled before it got a bunch of nominations. It could have at least got an Arrested Development like run of a few years so DC didn't look dumb for canning a book that won them awards, possibly. I'm assuming it will win a couple of awards here.

Will someone send me all the stuff I haven't read for free? Just so I can make informed picks in my office Eisners pool, of course.

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Blogger J.D. said...

Do any of the other comic strip collections have a chance of beating the Complete Calvin and Hobbes for the best archival award?

I sure hope so. Have you seen the other nominees? I own all five, and in my opinion Calvin and Hobbes is the weakest of the bunch. I think that Little Nemo is easily the most beautiful collection of the bunch, but that Walt & Skeezix is the best book overall: it collects material never-before-collected in a handsome volume just crammed with bonus stuff. What's more, the strips are amazingly good.

The Calvin and Hobbes set is nice — no question — but not without flaws. I'll be disappointed if it wins.

4/06/2006 01:52:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats to Alex Di Campi, Smoke was excellent.

4/06/2006 08:12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do any of the other comic strip collections have a chance of beating the Complete Calvin and Hobbes for the best archival award?

Little Nemo, on the merits at least.

I don't usually pay attention to stuff like Eisners so I've no idea how common this is, but I was a little surprised at seeing Absolute Watchmen getting nominated for an award considering the actual material came out twenty friggin' years ago. Shouldn't it have been nominated, if at all, in the same category as the archival collections - in which it would surely lose to almost all of the currently nominated ones there?

4/06/2006 08:38:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


(I love how even the Eisners recognizes Ellis as a great writer, except when he writes that crap for Marvel)

4/06/2006 09:18:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact that Michael Kupperman didn't get nominated for Best Writer/Artist - Humor is B.S.

Wow, that's the first time I had a very serious opinion about the Eisners.

4/06/2006 01:28:00 PM  
Blogger ChristopherAllen said...

Eisner judge in the house!

The Nemo book is astounding, important and beatiful. One tough thing about being a judge is knowing that some great stuff like this, and to a lesser extent, Recidivist, Killoffer, etc., face a tough time because many voters will never have seen the books and just go with what they know. I'm curious what flaws you found with the C&H set, though...?

Iron Lungfish,
Best Collection-Archival specifies the work must be out of print for 15 years, I think, so Watchmen doesn't qualify there.


I like THRIZZLE, too--what can I tell you? Basically every judge has to like something a lot for it to score high enough to be nominated. One low score can kill a nomination. At least he's continuing the series and eligible for next year.

4/06/2006 04:13:00 PM  
Blogger Brad Curran said...

"The Calvin and Hobbes set is nice — no question — but not without flaws. I'll be disappointed if it wins."

I didn't get a good luck at any of these five sets, C&H being the only one I had a chance to even browse physically, but I just assume C & H is winning on the basis of being the whole goddamn series in one collection. And hey, Chris Allen is an Eisner's judge. Interesting, that. Never actually seen one before, much less on this blog. I wasn't sure they existed.

4/08/2006 06:06:00 PM  

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