Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Are there any good comics about grown men and women in tights having fist fights?

By that, I mean are there any good comics about pro wrestling? I'm a big fan of the WWE, TNA, and other companies that go by their initials and provide me with the same exagerrated physiques, over the top cartoon violence, absurdity, and occasional poignancy I love in my comics and entertainment in general. I even plan on writing a comic about an aspiring wrestler at some point. If I ever start writing comics.

That said, the only comics I've encountered about the grand old fixed sport that were any good were Jaime Hernadez's stories about Vicky Glory and the other female wrestlers in Love and Rockets. I know he's done more stories with those characters, too, but I don't think those should count, because Jaime Hernandez could do comics about anything and they would be good. I know there some licenesed comics about real wrestlers, but, well, they usually turn out like this. Anything I've missed in my not very thorough at all search?


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