Thursday, December 15, 2005

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like GLX-mas

I love Dan Slott's work on She-Hulk, and I've been following his other stuff for a bit, but I was a little let down initially with his recent GLA Miniseries. Instead of going for big yuks right off the bat, he told the tale of a bunch of super powered losers dealing with angst and tragedy and loss. WTF? It's one of those series that crept up on you. All of a sudden, you 'get' why it's funny, and when you re-read the first few issues, yeah it's still dark and angsty and all that, but you can see the gag. You clever bastard, Dan Slott.

They've just released the trade, which contains the series, plus the first appearance of the team from Byrne's West Coast Avengers run and the Iron Man story where Squirrel Girl first appears. Big Squirrel Girl fan, me.

This is well worth picking up.

However, we've also just recieved the absolute creme de la bollocks. The GLX-mas Special, a series of short interlocking adventures all written by Dan Slott (which is enough to get me to at least pick the damn thing up and take a look), with art by Matt Haley, Georges Jeanty, Ty Templeton (AIEEEE!!! definitely getting this!!!), Paul Grist (PAUL FREAKIN' GRIST!!! Holy Poo!), Mike Kazeleh, and (crap in a hat!) Ty Templeton again! ZANG!

This is some damn good stuff. Blending over the top absurd shenanigans ("Eggnog, Toilet Paper, & Peace on Earth"), some keen 80's-style retro superhero jollity ("Getting Off On The Right Foot"), Tex Avery-style Cartoon Slapstick ("Squirrel-on-Squirrel Action") and even managing to fit in some bittersweet romance ("Days of X-Mas Past") and family relationship drama ("Working Holiday") for all those 'gay cowboys eating pudding' fans. And unlike the bwah-hah-hah League, it all ties seamlessly together with a great story, and some REAL characters, as opposed to watching formerly competant characters fall over a lot and have trouble finding their way out of a paper bag.

Plus a free action figure! Trooly Rooly!

This is good stuff. Get amongst it.

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Blogger David said...

Agree. Dan Slott is great.

12/15/2005 04:53:00 PM  
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