Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Serious Post On A Serious Blog (That Is Not Written By the Beastmaster)

Marc Singer, he who is emphatically not the Beastmaster provides an interesting look at the recently released softcover edition of the 15th Anniversary printing of Grant Morrison and Dave McKean's Arkham Asylum graphic novel. Unlike most reviews of work written by Grant Morrison by certain bloggers (okay, me), it's not all fawning praise, but, well, a serious look at what tried (and many believe) failed to be a serious story:

I've been itching to revisit Arkham Asylum for a while now, driven by a suspicion that it isn't as bad as the conventional wisdom says. Not a great story, certainly, especially by Morrison's subsequent standards (it predates Doom Patrol and a good chunk of Animal Man), but not nearly as awful as collective memory and my own would have me believe. I've been wondering how much of its reputation is truly deserved and how much was just part of the Nostalgic Nineties' unpleasant reactionary stance against the truly groundbreaking comics of the late 1980s. With a look at Morrison's original script, this edition seemed the best chance to find out.

Even as a Morrison groupie, this is one of the few comics I've read of his that left me cold, because I didn't get a lot of the symbolism, but Marc's review makes me interested in giving this edition a look. Give it a look, too, and check out some information on the International Comics Arts Festival the Beastmaster didn't organize and Washington Post Primer on International Comics, too. And read this post article, too. Becase Kurt Angle is your Olympic Hero, damn it!

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