Thursday, July 14, 2005

Copy and Paste Theatre: Talking Another Frank Miller Batman Comic People Hate With a Casual Reader. Read Anyway. I'll Give You A Comic.

From a conversation with a friend of mine about All-Star Batman and Robin (or, as I dubbed it in the Fanboy Rampage comments thread, ASBARTBW). He's not a big comic reader, but he did like DKR and has bought a Sin City trade. I leave it as an exercise to you, dear reader, to figure out which one of us is the hardcore comics nerd and which one isn't.

Homercutio [9:00 PM]: Well, anyway, no one seems to like Frank Miller's new Batman comic. Again.
Pedro Incognito [9:01 PM]: "Here. Here's an exercise you can do with a volunteer. Sit your friend down and say, "We're going to watch this fantastic new Batman film."
Then, when he sits down, stick your finger up his ass.
When he jumps up clutching his bum, stick your hands in your pocket and say, "What did you think? Wasn't that a kickass film?"
And then walk away."
That's what reading ASB&R#1 is like.
Homercutio [9:01 PM]: Exactly.
Pedro Incognito [9:01 PM]: So what is this All Star Batman thingie?
Homercutio [9:01 PM]: I'm kinda glad that I had no idea it was coming out. Although I also wonder if I'd like it anyway, like DKSA. (I really had no idea it was coming out. I'm not sure if I should feel ashamed or liberated. It was sold out when I went by the LCS, at any rate.)
Homercutio [9:02 PM]: It's a license to print money. Frank Miller writes, Jim Lee Draws. It's supposed to be like DC's answer to Ultimate Spider-Man; an entry level Batman comic. (Okay, maybe I was being a little optimistic with that last statement.)
Pedro Incognito [9:03 PM]: Are Batman and Robin not gay enough?
Pedro Incognito [9:03 PM]: Does Batman not live in the batcave anymore?
Homercutio [9:03 PM]: Not until he replaces the bat insignia with a pink triangle, and I have no idea.
Pedro Incognito [9:04 PM]: "But I got the joke when it was "Dark Knight Strikes Again." And I thought it was funny. And I thought, 'Good for Miller.' Honestly, I did. He got out a great big "EFF YOU" to all the dorks that misinterpreted the original and dragged comics down into the muck for 15+ years because of it."
Pedro Incognito [9:04 PM]: I don't understand that.
Pedro Incognito [9:04 PM]: Explain it to me baby.
Homercutio [9:04 PM]: Don't call me baby.
Pedro Incognito [9:05 PM]: I meant to say Brad but it came out baby. Must be the weather.
Homercutio [9:05 PM]: Well, they are synonyms. (Seriously. They are. Go, check.)
Homercutio [9:07 PM]: I think that's from the school of thought that Miller meant DKR to be a parody, and that people took it to0 seriously and tried to write like him, but with a straight face, and made a lot of crappy grim 'n' gritty superhero comics. (I'm not sure if I got that entirely right, or any bit right at all, but it sounded good at the time.)
Pedro Incognito [9:07 PM]: This comic book urban legend post is cool.
Homercutio [9:08 PM]: DKSA was a total farce, which could be Miller's way of laughing at all the people that took DKR too seriously.
Pedro Incognito [9:08 PM]: Ah, makes sense.
Pedro Incognito [9:09 PM]: The world needs more grim 'n ' gritty.
Homercutio [9:09 PM]: No. No it dosn't. Trust me. (I'm sticking by that typo. Mainly to set up a joke.)
Homercutio [9:09 PM]: Dosn't at all. At least in superhero comics. There's been a metric shit ton of it since DKR and Watchmen.
Homercutio [9:10 PM]: That stuff was Liefeld's bread and butter.
Pedro Incognito [9:10 PM]: But what is wrong with a grim 'n' gritty Thundercats? (He was joking, because he knows that annoyed me. I hope.)
Homercutio [9:10 PM]: And Liefeld's the comics Hitler. (That typo I feel bad about)Whatever he did was wrong and should be avoided at all costs. (Seriously. You ever notice how people use Hitler to bolster any argument? "You're a vegetarian? Well, so was Hitler! You're just like Hitler, asshole!" I think Liefeld should be used that way. Or, we could make invoking his name in any discussion of comics akin to (Godwin's Law). But then I'd be totally fucked.)
Pedro Incognito [9:10 PM]: Oh, wait...
Homercutio [9:10 PM]: ...
Pedro Incognito [9:11 PM]: How 'bout they change things up and make gritty 'n' grim comics instead of the standard grim 'n' gritty?
Pedro Incognito [9:12 PM]: Make the gritty grit more pronounced that the grim.
Homercutio [9:12 PM]: You should write that down. Again.
Pedro Incognito [9:13 PM]: Oh, it's been written down for ages.
Homercutio [9:13 PM]: I'll probably recycle this for a blog post.
Pedro Incognito [9:15 PM]: Will be a warning to others about the evils of grim 'n' gritty?
Homercutio [9:15 PM]: No. I'm literally just going to copy and paste this and put it on the blog. (I've said it before, I'll say it again; I'm all about easy content.)
Pedro Incognito [9:17 PM]: Alright, just leave out the parts where I said I like to touch my Batman action figures in their special places during the night.
Homercutio [9:18 PM]: Sure. (Oh, come on! How could I not leave that in!)
Pedro Incognito [9:20 PM]: I think I could have lived without knowing Wonder Tot existed. (This is yet another example that illustrates why non-hardcore nerds will never take superheroes seriously. Stop trying, Alex Ross!)
Homercutio [9:21 PM]: It's possible.
Homercutio [9:21 PM]: How did you learn that?
Pedro Incognito [9:22 PM]: One of those urban legends post.
Pedro Incognito [9:22 PM]: (I'm leaving the link in. I'm that self indulgent. I'm like three Geoff Johns comics, but without the last panel surprise or the knowledge of arcane continuity.)
Homercutio [9:23 PM]: Ah. Right. (If you read all of this I'll send you a free comic. Really.*)

*I will seriously give away about a dozen comics I picked up on Free Comic Book Day, if anyone really wants the last issue of Peter David's Captain Marvel or the second issue of Garth Ennis's 303. E-Mail me and I'll give you the list. First come, first serve.

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Blogger Devon said...

If I knew your email, I'd email you and beg for free comics.


7/14/2005 11:51:00 PM  
Blogger Brian Cronin said...

Oops...Brad had his e-mail address up for review copies, but I replaced it with his actual mailing address.

He let me give it out before, so I presume he would not mind me giving it out now -

7/15/2005 02:08:00 AM  
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