Sunday, June 12, 2005

Links Can Be Good, Too!

Tim O'Neil shows that he's adept at more than photoshopping hilarity in to comics with an excellent essay about Steve Ditko.

I've just discovered Don Simpson's site, the Less Said the Better. He's focused on challenging some preconceptions about the idea of comics as art. I don't agree with or enjoy everything he says, much like Warren Ellis's Come in Alone columns at CBR. Also much like CIA is the way that Simpson's essays challenge my preconceptions and make me think, which is worth noting. Anyway, I found this essay about isolationism in the discussion of comics to be particularly interesting.

John Jakala tags in on the Low Road with a look at Essential Defenders.

Finally, David Campbell takes a look at an old issue of Marvel Two-In-One, and in the process speaks an undeniable truth:
If you don’t like The Thing, you are a frickin’ communist, end of story.*


Blogger Christopher Burton said...

If you don’t like The Thing, you are a frickin’ communist, end of story.

Truest thing I read today.

6/13/2005 09:48:00 PM  
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