Friday, April 01, 2005

Spanning The Blogsphereoverse To Bring You Other People's Work!

I'm going to try my hand at this thing called link blogging. Because it's not something people in the blogspheroverse do every day. Certainly, there isn't a whole blog devoted to it or anything.

Ian Brill remembers Mitch Hedberg and rounds up amusing quotes about Countdown, including a line from our very own nerd kingpin Cronin. He has a good look at Seven Soldiers so far (including his thoughts on the JLA: Classified arc that served as a lead in to it) as well.

Via Johanna Draper Carlson, we have a CBS News Story about teachers using comics in the classroom. I guess this means that Joe Rice is a trend setter.

It occurs to me that no one on this blog has talked about manga. Since I don't read much of it, I can't say I'll be doing much to change it. So, in order to at least have some connection to comics that aren't a total niche market, here's a site that really likes, nay, loves manga! There's some information about the best selling graphic novels, links to excerpts of The Comics Journal's manga related articles in thier upcoming special issue, and discussion of the censorship of translated manga.

We also don't talk about Jack Kirby's work very much here. The Kirby Comics blog fills that void nicely. You should go just for the samples of the King's art, and stay for the analysis of the stories it told. What's on the main page right now shows the man's eclecticism, as you have a Marvel monster story, a Thor story, and a Kamandi story. There's also links to collected Kirby work.

Because every comics blog is contracturally mandated to do so, here's a link to Tom Spurgeon's Comics Reporter. Sure, it's a great site, but I can't get excited about something so perfunctory. Go read it anyway. Where else will you get reviews of DP7 #11 and the New Smithsonian Book of Comic Book Stories from the same guy? Not to mention Rueben Award Nominees (Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier is up for one!).

Also scrounged from Spurgeon's site is this link to Jim Lee talking about all of the comics creators that were at the Sin City premiere. Somehow, seeing it this afternoon without being able to ask Garth Ennis if the Irish accents don't suck takes something away from the experience.

And, just because I can, enjoy the hilarity of old Superman covers that portary the Man of Steel as a cruel asshole.


Blogger Christopher Burton said...

"And, just because I can, enjoy the hilarity of old Superman covers that portary the Man of Steel as a cruel asshole."

Man oh man, those are hilarious. I especially liked the Batman quote and the last one with Jimmy Olsen.

4/01/2005 09:43:00 PM  
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