Friday, April 08, 2005

Like A Butcher Wearing Sausages, I Come Bearing Links!

Never let it be said that I let good deli related analogies go to waste. Or any deli related analogies, for that matter.

Ed Cunard, a friend to this blog and many others (really, he's just a friendly guy), discusses of the discussion of the discussion at the Low Road. He also throws down a challenge to defend comics he doesn't think much of. So, if you think he missed the greatness of Mario Gully's Ant and aren't Mr. Gully himself, you have a chance to maybe win free comics if you don't suck. If you aren't enticed by that, I don't know what else I can do.

Ian Brill weighs in with much goodness, from his two part account of Grant Morrison's night at Meltdown Comics in L.A. to news that Steve Gerber has a blog. But that doesn't get the link. Instead, I give you this excerpt from his Sin City review, which is both hilarious and chilling:

I like what Rodriguez and Miller accomplished but let’s hope this doesn’t starts a trend where all comic book adaptations are this faithful. I’ve already scared myself with images of Bob Layton on set for the Iron Man film shouting “he’s got to be drunker, drunker!!”

Also courtesy of the talented Mr. Brill comes this link to Mark Evanier's blog, where he talks about politics and Captain America. The whole thing is worth reading, especially if you are as interested in Silver Age Marvel as I am, but I found this excerpt articulated my thoughts on corporate owned characters (and part of why I'm still interested in them) so much, as well as some of that cool stuff about Stan and Jack (and Steve's) working relationship:

Certain things get established about a character -- their name, their origin, specific adventures -- and these are generally kept consistent as the property is handed from writer to writer, though even this is not always the case. Other aspects are even more prone to variance as different creators take charge of the strip for what may be short or long periods and infuse it with their worldview. Jack rarely looked at what others did with characters he'd started but when he did, it was very rare that he recognized his children. He saw them saying and doing things that he would never have had them say or do...and Jack didn't necessarily think this made the other writer wrong. It was kind of like, "That's his interpretation of the Hulk, not mine." Each reader is free to accept either version or neither or parts of this one and that one.

So when someone asks what Captain America would have felt about some topic, the first question is, "Which Captain America?" If the character's been written by fifty writers, that makes fifty Captain Americas, more or less...some closely in sync with some others, some not. And even a given run of issues by one creator or team is not without its conflicts. When Jack was plotting and pencilling the comic and Stan Lee was scripting it, Stan would sometimes write dialogue that did not reflect what Jack had in mind. The two men occasionally had arguments so vehement that Jack's wife made him promise to refrain. As she told me, "For a long time, whenever he was about to take the train into town and go to Marvel, I told him, 'Remember...don't talk politics with Stan.' Neither one was about to change the other's mind, and Jack would just come home exasperated." (One of Stan's associates made the comment that he was stuck in the middle, vis-a-vis his two main collaborators. He was too liberal for Steve Ditko and too conservative for Kirby.)

For a slightly less dated but still old blog post, we have the always joyous occasion of the Savage Critic updating with content from both Jeff Lester and Brian Hibbs. See... Hibbs enjoy a beer in honor of the CE's 16th anniversary! Marvel... in awe at their awesome window display! Gasp... in horror at the car crashed in to a parking meter outside of the store. Also, they posted reviews of last week's comics. I find that Hibbs' thoughts on the DCU in regards to that Comic That I Only Bought Because It Was A Dollar sum up mine pretty well, in regards to DC's current output*:

So: ugly, illogical, plot-hammered and filled with asshats. But... at least it is only a buck! The architects say they have a plan, say this is all going somewhere and we'll be happy with the results, but I'm an inch away from just giving up on the U part of the DCU forever because it's really not a place I want to visit any longer. I'd much rather read Morrison's SEVEN SOLDIERS, y'know, where he's trying to reinject FUN rather than misery. All in all: AWFUL

I've run out of things to link to, and lack an exit strategy, so I'll just give you that picture with Batman in it that I promised you all so long ago. See, I live up to my word. Belatedly. Anyway, it's drawn by Bernie Wrightson, and features Swamp Thing, which is always good. Especially because it looks like Swampy's either planning to commit suicide or was being a peeping tom and is about to be busted by Batman. You can't beat that!

*(Okay, I thought it was competent but underwhelming and ultimately ill concieved instead of awful, but still, I had to fit in some relative praise for Grant Morrison in here somewhere. And it sort of articultes that I'll happily read projects like 7 Soldiers and New Frontier, as well as stuff from Wildstorm, Vertigo, and their other imprints than what's going on in the DCU "proper." Right?)


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