Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Helping You Buy Good Comics On New Comics Day

Welcome to the first installment of a weekly series that's intention is to help you walk in to the comic shop on Wednesday armed with knowledge to help you buy good comics. Well, at least what the people I'll be linking to and I think are good comics. But it's better than the utter ignorance you all went in to the shop with every Wednesday before I came in to your lives, isn't it?

In order to buy good comics, you need to know what's coming out, so we'll start with this week's shipping list.

For your convenience, I've even highlighted (in bold text), the only comic you realy need to pick up this week:
See how much I love you? I mean, I guess you can get other things if you want to, but this is really all you need (or all I can afford to get. I mix those two things up occasionally).

Comics not by Grant Morrison starring an obscure Kirby character of interest to me are:
All of the o/as Dark Horse is offering: Why the hell is Dark Horse reprinting these random comics? I mean, is there a great demand for an old issue of Dark Horse Presents and both covers of the first part of a Buffy arc? Were DC and Marvel's volume of a comics shipping every week making them feel so inferior that they've decided to pad their lists with a bunch of old comics now? Is this Mike Richardson's idea of Spring Cleaning? And how big a nerd would I be if I bought Hellboy and BPRD baseball caps? There are important questions, I think.
If this is the mini-series by Eric Powell and Kyle Hotz, then it's worth a look. If not, then it still might be worth a look, but only if it's like Antiques Road Show but with Billy the Kid.
BITE CLUB TP (MR)$9.99- The title is terrible, but the price is appealing for a self contained mini, although the only thing that caught my eye about the single issues was the Quitely covers.
WILL EISNERS SPIRIT ARCHIVES VOL 16 HC $49.99- I can't afford this, or any of the other Spirit Archives, but I did just finish reading an old Kitchen Sink Spirit Color Album, I was very impressed by how excellent the stories were. I know, a shockingly new thought. So, I'm interested in these reprints, I just can't afford them.
FOUR LETTER WORLDS GN $12.95- I have no idea what this is about, but that's a clever title.
DAREDEVIL VOL 11 GOLDEN AGE TP $13.99- I bought part one of this in single issues, and was very impressed by Maleev's shifing art styles. I like but don't love what I've read of this series in the first two hardcovers, though, so I'm on the fence about this one.
MARVEL VISIONARIES STEVE DITKO HC $29.99- I'm a huge nerd when it comes to Silver Age Marvel, and the Jack Kirby Visionaries hardcover was a nice sampler of his career at Marvel, so I'm definitely up for this.
RUNAWAYS #3 $2.99- I just finished the third digest of this series last night, and despite the crappy reproduction quality of some of the pages(not sure if it was just my copy or not), it was a great ending to the first volume. I'm really impressed with what Vaughan did with the series, and looking forward to picking up this arc when it gets collected.
SPIDER-MAN INDIA TP $9.99- Did anyone read this? I moderate a Spider-Man message board at Comic Book Resources and I can't remember anyone talking about it. Not that the Direct Market (or anyone in America) was the target audience, but still, no one was interested in it on my board, from what I could tell.
ALICE IN SEXLAND #1-7 PACK (A) $24.00- I wonder if people are buying three copies of this 1-7 pack? Fanboy Rampage references aside, I will pay anyone who suggests these comics to Cronin during his next U-Decide a dollar. Maybe a $1.50 if I'm feeling generous. Just because I want him to be the only person to review cine-manga and porn on the same blog. Come on, it's his destiny!
JENNY FINN DOOM #1 $6.99- If this is the Mignola-Nixey series and not some comic about a mopey 20-something, I may have to pick this up. I got the first issue gratis on Free Comic Day last year, and found it an unsettling bit of set up.
LOST AT SEA NEW ED GN (MR)$11.95- I remember thinking the preview for this in the last Oni Color Special looked interesting and I am one of the small group of bloggers who dug Scott Pilgrim.
SMALL HANDS GN (MR) $10.00- Wow, there really are comics out there for everyone if you look hard enough.

Other Links To Help You Buy Good Comics

The Fourth Rail's Don McPherson has first look reviews. Klarion gets a good score, and everything else in an admittedly sparse crowd gets pretty mediocre reviews, totally validating me. Randy Lander also has reviews up, but they aren't for books coming out Wednesday. He does have a look at James Jean's art book and a Frankenstein adaptation by Steve Niles and Scott Morse, though.

Ninth Art's Forecast features a spotlight on European comics to look for in the wake of DC's dissolution of 2000AD and Humanoids reprints, a tribute to Paul Jenkins's work on Spider-Man, and hopes that the new Hercules mini-series will tap the same vein as Walt Simonson's Thor.

Comics Readers offers a brief review of Hercules as well as a few other comics coming from Marvel and DC.

And, since I can't find any more reviews of comics that aren't out until tomorrow, here's a link to people listing what they're going to buy at the
Collector's Society Messageboards. So, you can see whether you perspective weekly purchases match up with Fan4Fan and adjust accordingly.


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