Saturday, March 26, 2005

Things Continuity is Good For

As an addendum, here's a list of things 5 things I think superhero continuity is good for:

1. Springboards for new stories: Even if it's something like Alan Moore completely turning the concept of Swamp Thing on its head, you can use an old story (even the origin story) to move forward. Yeah, I count Swamp Thing as a superhero comic. At least a superhero/horror hybrid, like Buffy or Hellboy.

2. A sense of history: This can lead to wankery, but it can give the stories some weight and perspective. That Wolverine has worked with Alpha Flight before adds something to a story where they encounter each other. That Dr. Doom blames Reed Richards for his disfigurement is the whole crux of their rivalry. That kind of thing.

3. A sense of community: All of the superheroes know each other, and they don't always mix well, but they still have to stop the multiverse from collapsing. It can be really fun to see the various pantheons of heroes interact knowing that they're familiar with one another.

4. Inside jokes: Okay, these aren't helpful to new readers, and lose me if I'm not familiar with a property. But I needed a four.

5.What If?: I just love What If?


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